Aim for a University of Nottingham International Baccalaureate Diploma Excellence Scholarship and Attend a Top 1% Global University

The city of Nottingham in the United Kingdom is perhaps best known for the alluring tale of Robin Hood and his adventures in Sherwood Forest. Notwithstanding, the University of Nottingham is also well-known and ranked in the top 1% of all universities globally, recognized for its ground-breaking, world-class research. The city of Nottingham is also known for its convenient public transportation, shopping venues, and great nightlife. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Excellence Scholarship typically provides between £2,500 to £6,000 for the first year of undergraduate study in any of the available colleges and majors. In some cases, the scholarship provides more than £6,000 depending on student need.

This scholarship is awarded to students who are considered to be ‘overseas’ for purposes of determining fees. Thus any students outside of the United Kingdom are eligible.
Candidates must also provide proof of having obtained the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a score of 40 points or greater. Additionally, students must have an offer to commence full-time, undergraduate studies in September 2017 in any degree programme at the university’s UK campus (this excludes BMBS Medicine students). The results of the IB diploma must be sent to the university by August 1, 2017.

Applying for the scholarship is easy in that it requires no separate application! Awards of £2,500 to £6,000 are determined entirely by the IB Diploma scores the student has achieved. A caveat to keep in mind is that the scholarship is dispensed subject to availability of funding, so interested students should apply as early as possible and make sure to have given a firm acceptance response to the university as their first choice of school in UCAS. As with many scholarships, a student’s need will also weigh heavily on the decision to award them a scholarship and determine the amount they receive. In this sense, the scholarship is one of the fairest and most streamlined of any a student will encounter, and it is entirely acceptable to combine the award with other scholarships from the University of Nottingham.

Interested students can find the PDF application at the following link:
http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/29768/vice-chancellors-scholarship-application-2017-18.pdf. Once filled out, it can be mailed to pgscholarships@lsbu.ac.uk with scans of university transcripts and certificates. More information can be found at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/studywithus/international-applicants/scholarships-fees-and-finance/scholarships/undergraduate-scholarships/ib-diploma-ug.aspx.

  1. Hip
    My name is Sibusisiwe P Ndlovu ,l am a 22 yrz old lady residing in mahatshula north Bulawayo Zimbabwe .My education level is o,level ,lm kindly looking for a scholarship that can help m study ,in any consideration please send m an email .

  2. I would truly wish to join this wonderful oppotunity to study forestry or environmental science my education has from a toil of hard ship struggle for daily meal and studies single handedly God bless you all

  3. hello
    i want to get this scholarship because my family can\’t afford to pay university for me and let ma appreciate for considering my request

    yours faithfully

  4. I really wish to study in Australia, because there I will achieve the quality education I dreamed of I believe. I will be very much happy if i am given such opportunity to obtain my first degree there in Australia. I am actually in need of a Scholarship for such. Please help.

  5. hi I wish to continuous my studies in your university in order for me to acquire more knowledge , this will permit me to achieve what I want to be in life. I will be very great full if I had this opportunity to study in your institution. am not from a wealthy family but I believe in opportunities.

  6. Hi David , hope you understood my request . I requested for a bursary but in Uganda you a sponsoring my childre please .
    please David hope you will help me .

  7. I come from Tanzania, how i can get the scholorship for diploma course because i stay at home for almost 4yrs since i have been complete my certificate ingeneral agr due to lack of fee am come from very poor family.

  8. I am from Papua New Guinea who is very interested to do my Masters Degree in education. I have absolutely completed my Diploma and bachelors Degree, so please let me know as am indeed enthusiastic to peruse my dreams to be a reality. please reply

  9. I am in Sierra Leone and I\’m not sure the exam is offered here..but I\’ve sat to IELTS…I need an advice

  10. Hi , am Satta Sayma Goteh who is 23 years old from Liberia, a junior student at Cuttington University reading physician assistant. Am interested in the scholarship because my country do not have sufficient doctors .I will really appreciate the donors of this scholarship when am selected of this scholarship .When I was little my dream was to become a gynecologist ,I believe with this scholarship me dream can come to through.
    Thanks for your understanding, I will be awaiting your replied .

  11. I was graduated by Doctor of veterinary medicine degree from AddisAbaba university,Ethiopia.now I am teaching veterinary public health and veterinary parasitology.actually I am looking for msc opportunity to get further study.

  12. I am so much interested and very willing to learn. education is the way for a better a life and I am determined to learn outstandingly with no doubt or dropping out for the better

  13. thanks for your response to my application ,but its real to me to afford fund for ticket from Rwanda to England

  14. i need marine course because i like to be full chief engineering .
    but i\’m not enough money to learn that course .
    please and please help me .

  15. I want to go a university but I don\’t have money, but if I get a scholarship I will be most grateful.

  16. Please sir am not clear with the registration about the scholarships, but apart from that all is well , i therefore say thanks for your wonderful assistance you always give to the less privilege in the world

  17. I am Mr William Luana and I am from Papua New Guinea. I want to get more information on the scholarship program. I want to get my daughter to continue with her education with a funded scholarship. Please send me more information. Thanks, William Luana

  18. actually i am looking for an opportunity to get myself a bursary and further my studies. i am a toil student who believe in achieving great results, so to be offered an massive opportunity to further my studies it will be good.

  19. i want to help me out achieve my dream of becoming and electrical engineer but money for studying is the problem

  20. what amazing and exciting moments that one can learn anywhere in world by merely a switch of the batton and be assuredly for sponsorship to undertake a course of the desire of His/her heart and vision. I think I need one.

  21. Hi, hope you are proceeding well with life. Please, may I get your assistance on how I can get started to study abroad please.

  22. Good day :Sir or Madam

    I am very well pleased to get the scholarship and I am very well prepared to learn and be educated.
    education has no end it just has no age.

  23. i comment on this university on positive ways on my side i like so that is why i have ability and desire for studying on this univestity

  24. My name is Emanuel George SIMBA am Tanzania I was born in 1998 am form five I need scholars because my parents was die

  25. Am a very good student. I completed Accra Academy in 2016 but due to financial problems am still home. I had aggregate 8. Offered business as a course. Please I want you to help me get a full scholarship to study there.

  26. hey , am so glad to see this ,am south sudanese living in kenya .i would love to get opportunity in this scholarship to study in the above meaning university ,i would like to do suppliers and management in bussiness and may be human resource management ,thanks i hope my request would be put into consideration .thanks your faithfully , AKEEN M

  27. Hi my name is Mohamed y.sheriff. how can i get the UNSW program.because i really need this scholarship to further my education in U.K.though am in Liberia ,but with your help i know that i can win this great opportunity.because i want to go and study public administration and sociology in your institution,for undergraduate program.and in case of any further information please contact me.(sheriffmohamed19714@gmail.com)or 00231770660963

  28. I want to grant this scholarship,because my family cant afford to continuing my study in collage so its big oppurtunity to grant like this scholarship.

  29. Hello,
    Am Innocent from Uganda and i would like to move on with my studies but due lack of money am not studying yet am every interested. I am a good sportsman and i can be a great student both academic and in sports at the university,i play Field Hockey, Foot ball,Cricket, long tennis player, Rugby and am good in athletics {running short distance}

  30. I just finished school and just want to study,financial instability we face as s family I need scholarhip

    I want to help me out, I want to study but am very poor

  31. I am a South Sudanese living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. I am seriously looking for scholarship from any philanthropist at the University of Nottingham such that I will study politics and international relations. I have a desire to partake in in shaping the political landscape my South Sudan.

    Thanks as I await positive response.


  32. I am a Liberian, very interesting in the offer may by your institution, I wish that the opportunity can be given to me for a scholarship.

  33. It is great pleasure for me if you give me the chance of scholarship that you have at the university of Nottingham . But I want to inform you that I already have MA in public Administration. Therefore, In doing so , It is better if you take in to account my level of education .


  35. I am glad for this opportunity given me I want to study in your. Prestige university I donot have the money I am mother of four who is trying to help the less privileges with the little knowledge. I have in catering and human resources.I will need you provide me shorlarship.Thank you

  36. Lots thanks for this opportunity and information given me .I Study ROAD SAFETY AND TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT at the Diploma level and went further it . kindly help advise me with relevant information that can engage me or if any provision around.

  37. Dear Sir/madam,
    i would like to apply for scholarship and i hope to hear from you the requirements for students to apply for the scholarships
    i would be very glad to hear a positive response from you

  38. Good morning Administrator

    Thank you for information. My quest is to pursue PhD programme( DBA) and am wondering if you have provision for it.
    Kindly advise and send me the relevant information and or the details of the institutions that have such provisions in case you do not.

  39. Hello,
    This is Tenzin from Bhutan. It was nice to know about the scholarship. I would be happy to know about whether the scholarship in degree program in Surveying is provided.
    Thank you

  40. I have bachelor of arts in English language but l do not have IELTS certificate, can I apply for scholarship in UK and USA.

  41. yes thanks for the lovely opportunity. However, I was actually interested in a scorlarship to pursue a masters program in business administration commensing next year in October. So am interested to know if Nottingham university could still aveil me the same kind of opportunity. thanks so much.

  42. i… There am so gladly with your company and I
    would like to work with you in any country all over
    the world if you give a chance
    Thank you

  43. I am happy to this chance you gives us because some of us we performs well but we fail to continues our studied due to our family back grounds .

  44. Are the scholarships only limited to under graduate students?what about post graduate scholarships?

  45. am living in Northern part of Uganda -kitgum district the part of which have suffer for 21 year during war in the county but i want to study and am poor no any money for the fees, how can i get it into the scholarship

  46. Hello there, I\’m Lameck Odhiambo from Nairobi, Kenya. I\’m 23yrs of age. Kindly help me get a scholarship my parents died when I was 4yrs old and my guardian has been taking care of my education, I cleared my High school in 2014 but didn\’t attain the cut off to join the University. But now my guardian passed away last year therefore killing my hopes of continuing with my studies. Please help me get a scholarship.
    Thank you for your time

    Lameck Odhiambo

  47. Do you have another course like Marine course or fisheries? Am a student who really interest in that course so if there is apart from that medicine than please let me know thanks.

  48. Hi am Jillian and am really happy to be selected in the scholarship because thats all my hope and dream that I my fillfull in life thanks.

  49. Am a Tanzanian boy who have an larger interest to study at you\’re university but am come from poor family so what things can you help me to reach my dream to study at you\’re university

  50. My daughter is 2nd year educate studies at damelin Capetown South Africa but due to financial difficulties I cannot send her anymore I lost my job and my husband not working I have to give up our place of home to now we need to move back to my moth my daughter wants to finish her studies and further her career but funds doesn\’t allow us

  51. I want to grant this scholarship,because my family cant afford to continuing my study in collage so its big oppurtunity to grant like this scholarship.

  52. I just finished school and just want to study,financial instability we face as s family I need scholarhip

  53. It\’s a great offer and I like it I could extend my knowledge in the UK I studied English language and literature

  54. Hallo,

    Above all receive a whole hear-ted greet from me Muktar Abde Deria.
    Borne and lives in Hargeisa, SOMALIA.

    It would have been my pleasure & also as a request if am offered a scholarship especially from Nottingham International Bacculaureate. (Diploma of excellence) though I understand that it\’s no way possible for me get this prestigious opportunity for several reasons but still I hold great spaculations to the hope that you will give due considerations to my request in your establishment.
    Besides that I will pay all the expenses after a while and also return back to skills, knowledge and contribution to Nottingham Interstyfull Bacculaureate after completion and even within during my studies as I will do so by looking a part time jobs.

    Last but by no means least, I would like to conclude buy supplicating for all of us towards trumphe.

    Sincere Regards,

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