Beware of the scholarship scams and learn now how to dodge the bullet. Part one

Winning a scholarship is probably the most grandiose dream one can have and it is also the stake on which scholarship scammers bet. While identifying all of them is a hard job to do since they are numerous, keeping yourself informed is a shield that can protect you. We have created a list of telltales that can help you identify potential scholarship scammers. However, keep in mind that even though some scholarship administrators may exhibit some of these signs, it is not necessarily a certainty that you are facing scammers. In case you have doubts, do not refrain yourself from checking further the administrator on google. Here is the list:

1. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators who are asking for application fees. No matter how low the requested amount may be, do not act instinctively and pay it. Ponder about it for a minute. Do not believe that fees are necessary to cover all sorts of expenses. Scholarships are, after all, amounts per se. Why would you need to pay for a scholarship given the fact that scholarships are already payments that support the education?

2. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators who are guaranteeing that you will win. A legal scholarship cannot guarantee you any award. Imagine that thousands of students are applying and each of them is considered a prospective student until the final decision is made. If you have been guaranteed to win the scholarship, it means that this promise is also available for other students who have found throughout the internet the same “so-called” scholarship administrator.

3. Beware if the scholarship administrator is asking for other fees. If, for example, the scholarship administrator is asking you to pay in return for information consider it doubtful. Do not fall for that.

4. Beware of the scholarship administrator who implies that everyone is eligible to receive the scholarship. Before applying for a scholarship, the first thing you should do is checking the eligibility criterions based on which they select their recipients. If there is no set of restrictions something is not precisely right.

5. Beware of the scholarship scammers who mention that they will apply on your behalf. It is your job to gather all the required documents and submit them. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking that he/ she can do a better job that you.

6. Beware of the scholarship scammers who request private details such as bank account number, credit card and so one. No scholarship administrator who is acting legally will ever ask you such private questions. In case someone gives you a call and ask you to confirm your eligibility do not let him/ her engage you into a conversation. Predominantly, legal scholarship administrators post their contact details on their website along with the application materials. Send your request via e-mail or call them in case you need extra info.

7. Do not fall for the scholarships which have spelling errors in their presentation or lack a professional appearance.

Please record all the telltales from above and use them whenever you are facing a dilemma about a certain scholarship. Stay tuned for part two.

  1. Hello Sir,
    My name is Iqra Parvez. I pass out 12th class this year with 72% with Computer, Chemistry, Biology. Now i want to do BCA at Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi, India. My father is a driver. I need scholarship to continue my study…. Pleass give me scholarship otherwise my study will stopped….please help me..

  2. Thank you very much for teaching us the difference.Im glade to get you, so that my dream will come true.Now I know that Iam on the right path.

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