Win a $1,000 scholarships by creating a short video

Scholarships aimed at specific talents are common place these days

Have a talent for video-making? Well then maybe you’d like to apply for this $1,000 scholarship

A few years back applying for scholarships meant you had to deal with strict requirements based on test scores, grades, long essays and long lists of your achievements.

Well times have changed. Now you can enroll with a university online degree and complete your higher education from the comfort of your home. Who would have though, a few decades ago? On top of that, now you have alternative ways to pay for your university online degree (or traditional one, for that matter).

Even if you aren’t a student with a spotless academic record, you should know, you are also eligible to receive a scholarship for college. There are countless specific scholarships that offer scholarship money to students with unique talents and passions. Whether you are a fan of Star Trek or you know quite a lot about history, there is a scholarship out there for you.

Students of degree programs who need to get funding, should sit down and make a list of all their passions and interests, then start searching the web by using these keywords to find suitable scholarships for college.

Sure academic performance is important, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Academic interests, talents, involvement in community service, as well as leadership and specific career ambitions can help you qualify for a wide range of funding opportunities.

Some of these scholarships might not bring you ostentatious sums of money, but even so you shouldn’t skip them. First off, there’s no rule against you securing more than one scholarship – the more the better. Secondly, you’ll have a better chance of winning the award with small-amount scholarships, because the competition isn’t as fierce.

Last but not least, you’ll genuinely have fun applying for these scholarships because the criteria to apply first with your specific set of skills and preferences. Let us give you an example of such a scholarship, to drive the point home.

This scholarship is called “A Place for Mom Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship” and is available to assist students who are pursuing degree programs in the following fields:

  • Gerontology
  • Long term care administration
  • Social work
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Sociology

You also have to have some knowledge of how to create a video, if you are to have a chance of attracting the judge’s attention.

The video’s theme is “The value of seniors in our lives and benefits to society”. The clip should feature a story or host an interview with an inspiring senior in your life. The video must be at least 2 minutes, but no longer than 3 minutes and must answer a few questions such as “How has your relationship with this senior changed your outlook on life?”

Five scholarships ($1,000 each) will be awarded each year. The next dead line for submission is March 30 2018, but if you miss this one, don’t worry you can wait for the next one which is June 30, 2018.


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