UC International First Year Scholarships at Canterbury University

Canterbury University has won its place among top universities in New Zealand offering around 100 programs, from Foundation to doctoral studies in more than 150 disciplines, ranging from accounting to zoology. New Zealand’s university has a modern teaching and research facilities being awarded a 5-Star QS ranking for internationally-renowned research and teaching. The University is offering, besides its wide range of courses which are stimulating, an extremely vibrant campus open for students across the globe. University’s vibrant campus is not the only facility open for international students. This year, Canterbury University is awarding also the UC International First Year Scholarships.


Canterbury University through the UC International First Year Scholarships intends to offer the needed support for top-achieving international students who will start an UNDERGRADUATE degree program at the University of Canterbury.

The number, the amount and durability

The University of Canterbury is offering up to 25 scholarships, each with values of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. The tenure is one year.

The eligibility criterion

Before applying for these scholarships, students should have been admitted to one of UC’s undergraduate degree program. The qualifications and courses can be find here: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/future-students/qualifications-and-courses/. After they select a program they wish to study and read the academic requirements, this is where they should enroll: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/future-students/apply-and-enrol/what-is-myuc/ .

Applicants who are taken into consideration as eligible students will be those who are full-fee-paying international students. Citizens of New Zealand or Australia, or other holders of New Zealand residence class via visas are not considered eligible.

At the same time, applicants will be considered as eligible for the UC International First Year Scholarships only those who have completed a university entrance-level qualification which allows entry into the university’s degree program, on or after January 1 of the year before the year of application. Please read carefully the guide to enrolment here: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/future-students/apply-and-enrol/apply-for-undergraduate-qualifications/

Students who are not eligible

These scholarships will not be held by those who already have undertaken partial study in a bachelor’s degree program at a tertiary institution in New Zealand. Also, these scholarships will not be available for students who have applied for Transfer of Credit from a New Zealand tertiary institution to an undergraduate degree program at University of Canterbury.

The closing date

All the students who are interested to apply for this scholarship should apply through the university’s web page, below:


How to apply for the UC International First Year Scholarships

The students are advised to apply through the webpage 8 weeks before the application process closes. Access the highlighted link called “Apply on-line” where you will introduce the login details to have access to the application form. In case you are a student outside the university, you will select to sign in as a non-UC student. However, before proceeding any further, students are advised to read carefully the pdf with regulations which is posted at the above link.

Good luck!

  1. I am happy about your school and i wish to join you, am asking if i may get athletic scholarship or any scholarship so that i cam manage myself well,

    thank you

  2. I am looking for scholarship in Hotel Management for a degree program and currently am a holder of an diploma in Hotel Management.

    Originally I come from the country of Malawi in Africa

  3. Am looking for a scholarship to study in United Kingdom. am currently A holder of diploma in food nutrition graduated from LUANAR University in Malawi. so woild like to get a degree and upgrade my studies into public or environment health management….Please help

  4. I am a zealous learner and a teacher of English in The Gambia. I intend to pursue a top up degree and thereafter, a master\’degree in English Education. Finance is my major qualm but any support will be gladly appreciated.
    I look forward to receiving some help through your esteemed site.
    Remained blessed as you express kindness towards the underprivileged.


  6. I would love to feather my studies to make a diploma in emergency medical services because I have only certificate so far.hope you can help me to be a proud paramedic

  7. I am looking for a scholarship to continue my study in new Zealand. I am currently studding at Sanaa university,Yemen republic at third year of the electrical engineering faculty.
    Due to the current situation in this country I could not complete my Bachelor degree in electrical engineering and I already have lost one year because the situation in our country.
    Can you help please?

  8. Great news indeed!…How do i apply for this scholarship?
    Please do let me know,i have been struggling for years.
    please help…..

  9. I have a degree in medical rehabilitation with specialization in physiotherapy from university of Nigeria. I would like to pursue a masters degree in rehabilitation in uc university, what are my chances?

  10. My name is Nadia Rahman l am currently comleteing my upper 6 at Goldridge High in Zimbabwe. I am the debate co ordinator, senior Prefect. House captain. I am studying arts English Lit, Buss Studies and geography. I would like to apply for a scholarship studying law.

  11. I am looking for a scholarship to study in new Zealand. I am currentlyworking in automotive company, studying ; specialising in Bachelor degree in Automotive Technology Practices which ends in Augest 2017. So, I would like to continue with either Masters degree in Industrial management or Automotive engineering. Can you please help?

  12. Hi my name is paul emmanuel ! Im from india. I want to study mbbs in abroad but i cant because my father had died !so there is no one to help me to study ! So please kindly help me to study !

  13. Iam a biotechnologist from Sudan, I want free scholarship in biochemistry and molecular biology, I am humble man with no wealth but hop in a miracle that I have good education and good lap to search in

  14. Hi there
    Prior to the program I am very much interested and wish to have access to that please inform me anything that I need to know.
    Thank you
    Demetrius Tambi
    (Iiterested applicant PNG)

  15. sir, I am a degree holder. I have formed a new theory for light based on particles. It explains more clear than the other newton\’s and huygen\’s theories. I have completed one part. [refraction] rest to complete I am not rich enough todo self. so I am in need of any scholerships to complete my theory. rajendra joshi sir, CEO&technical adviser. alredy told about my theory that \

  16. I have an undergraduate degree in Microbiology from a University in Nigeria. Please, Do you have scholarship for Masters degree program in Biotechnology or related courses?

  17. My father id handcap my mother house. Wife iam middle class family i am stading in 10 standard pl help me my address M.nataraja #118,A4, vinagaker nagar,kusturinakenpallyam, Coimbatore

  18. I am looking for a scholarship to study in new Zealand. I am currently a final year student in Southern Business School, studying criminology; specialising in Bachelor degree in Policing Practices which ends in November 2017. So, I would like to continue with either Masters degree in management or criminology. Can you please help?

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