Tips that will ease your study abroad. Part two

In the previous article, we have shed a a light on the first three aspects you, as an international student, should have them checked. Now, let’s see which are the following aspects you should put on your ”to-do list” in order to have a smooth stay abroad.

4. Purchase the plane ticket

Finding affordable airplane tickets is not an easy task and it depends on where you are flying and where you are purchasing the plane ticket from. Once you know when your programs commence, you have to reserve a plane ticket. It is not recommended to arrive more than a few days prior to the start date of your program, otherwise arriving earlier may cause problems in immigration.

You can opt for travel agencies searching throughout Google for those who have good discounts for student tickets. You can also check the International Student Travel Center that can provide discounted prices on airfare and other important travel needs. You can lear more about it here: https://www.internationalstudent.com/travel/

5. Conduct a small research about the country’s culture you will be studying in

It is important to inform yourself about the custom, culture, and people. Knowing a little bit about its economy, history, culture, politics, your study abroad will be definitely enriched. Use social media to chat with other students who are already there and can guide you throughout this soon-to-be accomodation process. You can also watch some movies that will put you more in contact with what you will going to experience there.

6. Exercise both your writting and language skills

Being accustomed with even the basic of phrases will help you a lot in overcoming those first few days of adjustment. How can you do that? You can download apps or take some free online language courses. Once you are there, you can enroll in language classes or ask some of your new friends to help you.

7. Plan some financial aspects

First of all, you may want to set up and online account, in case you do not own one already. It will give you a great support while managing your money abroad. Many international travelers use their debit or credit cards so that they will get cash in the local currency.

Second, do not forget to inform your back and credit card companies that you will be leaving to study abroad. This way, you will not experience the risk of getting your account locked. Using an ATM from a different country than your country of origin might rasie suspicions and your bank will get notified.

Third, pack some extra cash. It will help you since the first days of your arrival will be busy. Even though ATMs may be easy to find, it is best to carry a small amount in the currency of your host country. If you did not convert your home currency, you might withdraw cash from the airport’s ATM.

We wish you the best of luck! Finger crossed that your stay there will run smoothly!

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