International Students are welcomed at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech University – also known as Virginia Polytechnic Institute – is located in Blacksburg, Virginia and hosts more than 33.000 students managing a research portfolio of more than $502 million. The University is renowned for its unique approach to education, engaging and hands-on. Virginia Tech is a commonwealth university and a leader in research.

Discovery and dissemination of new knowledge are central to the university’s mission. Focused on teaching and learning, research and discovery, Virginia Tech creates, conveys, and applies knowledge to offer the possibility of personal growth. Students who choose to enroll at Virginia Tech will enjoy the opportunities offered such as educational and research facilities, a 2600-acre main campus, a study-abroad site in Switzerland and many more.

Students who wish to study at Virginia Tech but are drawn back by the lack of funds have the opportunity to study with the Virginia Tech Scholarship Central. Scholarship applications are available for the 2018-2019 year from August 7th through December 7th 2017. If they want to be considered for any of the scholarships offered by the university – whether they are general or departmental – must fill the steps indicated in the “Using Scholarship Central” guide https://finaid.vt.edu/index.html.

Before applying for the Tech scholarships, students must enroll in a specific program offered by the university. Each program has different requirements which must be respected. For example, some major require additional years of advanced math or lab science. Students, most of them, who are selected for admission have completed more than the minimum amount of requirements and have a B+ grade point average.

The full list with Virginia Tech scholarships can be accessed here https://vt.academicworks.com/. Near each scholarship, students can find the closing date which must not be exceeded or else their submission will not be taken in consideration. Students can apply for veterinary scholarships, ophthalmology scholarships, animal nutrition scholarships, surgery, clinical expertise and so one. The Virginia Tech scholarships are resourceful and comprehensive so that brilliant students from around the world would have diversified possibilities of learning without a heavy financial involvement.

Students who wish to learn more about Virginia Tech University and review the general admission requirements can access the official website here https://finaid.vt.edu/. Each degree level – undergraduate and graduate – has different admission requirements which should be checked. Also, international students have a separate section where they can learn which are the necessary documents they must fill in order to receive a place at Virginia.

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