IMPORTANT THINGS you need to take in consideration before applying for a scholarship. Part Two

Experiencing the best academic time of your life starts with a scholarship, whether abroad or in your country. The financial difficulties are overwhelming, however, your desires are stronger than the harsh experiences you have encountered during your life. It is extremely important to stick on your desires but, at the same time, it is as important to work and improve yourself to pursue your desires. What does it mean to improve yourself? First of all, to keep yourself updated and second to work your way through. Here is another set of questions about scholarships that will help you clarify some aspects which are not visible at the first glance.

1. How do you get a scholarship? It is the classic question that we will probably mention in each and every article dedicated to you. The first thing you need to do is to apply. Assuming that you will not win is a big mistake from the beginning. It is the reason why many scholarships go untouched each and every year. Once you have identified which scholarship suits you best, go for it. As we have mentioned on our facebook page www.facebook.com/pg/EducationalScholarships.Net, all the articles we write and post about scholarships have also a link that can direct you toward the scholarship’s website. Here you will find who the scholarship administrator is and what are the requirements to apply for it. Also, you get to fill the online scholarship application form. Do not miss it out! That might be your chance to change your academic future.

2. Are the chances of winning a scholarship high if you work hard and apply to as many as you can?

Definitely! If you were not selected for a certain scholarship, it does not mean that you have been rejected also by the other scholarship administartors. The more, the merier!

3. When do most of the scholarships become available?

We suggest you to stay in touch with our articles from www.educationalscholarships.net . We always post updated info about global scholarships for international students. Read as much as you can keeping in mind what is it that you like to study and where. You can not choose a scholarship in aviation, for example, if you have been studyind so far public relations.

4. Do scholarships require reference letters?

It is not a general rule, however, you can be prepared and ask one of your favorite teacher to write a reference letter that provides info about your academic activity, achievements, skills etc.

5. Where should you include a reference letter in your scholarship application?

First, you need to check if the reference letter is among the requirements. If yes, then you can submit it online along with other documents. If the recruitment process is offline, then search the address and send them by post.

6. Should you apply for a scholarship in advance?

It is a very good idea to start looking for a scholarship early, even if you are in 11th grade. Stay informed as much as you can.

Good luck!

  1. ineed ascholaship I\’ve got achance in pwani university kenya aug intake bachelor of education arts but my mum cant afford

  2. alfred omony a student of kyambogo university is looking for a schoolarship ,currently pursuing bchelor of education under distance learning, an orphan ,please any help

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