Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in the USA

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, a non-degree program dedicated to international undergraduate students, is an amazing opportunity for those who wish to strengthen their leadership skills and connect with the American peers. The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is dedicated to experienced professionals willing to understand USA’s common concerns through a mutual knowledge exchange. The Fellowship program is not only a valuable opportunity for international graduate students striving for professional development through practical experiences, networking, and diversified courses and conferences. The Fellowship program is also an insightful program for students to build a bridge between their culture and the American one.

The number of Hubert Humphrey Fellowships awarded

Annually, up to 200 fellowships programs are awarded which means that this opportunity can be embraced by many dedicated students to their academic endeavor. Unlike a common school experience, the Hubert Humphrey program allows students to pursue their individual programs and, at the same time, work with other Humphrey colleagues in seminars and workshops. The recipients will have to travel from their campus and get in touch with the American peers.

Which are the host institutions where Fellows will be placed?

Fellows represent the recipients who have secured the Hubert Humphrey Fellowships. They will not be able to select the institution where they wish to enroll. Rather they will be assigned in groups of 7-15 to the most appropriate host institution regarding their professional fields and areas of interest. Here is a list of the universities where fellows will be assigned: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/host-universities. Also, check the complete list of the available fields of study: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/program-fields

Who can apply for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowships?

International students who are originally from the following regions: East Asia and Pacific, South and Central Asia, Western Hemisphere, Europe and Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa. Please review the complete list of countries here: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/participating-countries-region

Which are the eligibility criterions?

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree along with a minimum of 5 years of full-time professional experience. They would have to demonstrate their leadership qualities. Also, the applicants should have public service record and English language abilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE! For a complete list of the program requirements, students are advised to contact the U.S Embassy Public Affairs Section or Fulbright Commission in their countries of residence.

Which is the value of the Hubert Humphrey Fellowships?

Recipients will have their tuition and fees paid at the university where they were assigned. They will also receive pre-academic English language training. The Fellowship will cover also the book allowance, sickness and accident coverage, a living allowance, a one –time computer, air travel and professional development allowance. Please consult this list for more info: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/fellowship-provisions

How students can apply?

It is highly important that students who are interested to contact the U.S Embassy within their countries or the Binational Fulbright Commission. An U.S Embassy representative can advise them of the internal deadline for receiving applications. Even though deadlines will vary by country, they will fall around May to September annually. Students should access this link https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/participating-countries-region and select their countries of origins to find where they can locate the U.S Embassy within their countries.

Good luck!

  1. I humbly request for scholarship for my degree in medicine at Texilla American University,Lusaka campus,Zambia ,for my intake is in september,2018.

  2. Waleed
    From Sudan
    It\’s valuable things. I hope to get this chance to study master degree in civil engineering.

  3. I\’m Fomum Rosei from Cameroon, undergraduate year two student in Human resources management. I work and study at the same time. I will have always wanted to further my studies and learn other cultures, it will be a great pleasure if this opportunity is given to me. Thanks

  4. Hello iam noman from pakistan iam intersted for this offer iam under graduate student iam not effort for further education please enroll me thnks.

  5. Julius Okori, in Uganda Africa
    I would like to be considered for fellowship scholarship to help me pursue Masters in Educational Management Planning and Administration,

  6. This is the wanderfull orpurturnity l have been looking for for years
    Let me have the form and apply for the scholarships
    Cured meat processing training is my desire though l will be grateful to consideration givens to this request thank you

  7. I am a high school drop out due to financial set back but i have a strong passion for further studies.I wish this fellowship could offer me this opportunity.

  8. i am living Ethiopia i am diabetic and poor but i have BA in management place take any educational program .

  9. I am Ruth Mukoya, I am completing my higher education level before I can join University next year, I am interested in studying a BSc under this scholarship program, please guide on the application process, This is my mummy\’s email adress I am using.
    Thank you
    Ruth Mukoya Wanyera
    St Lawrence Secondary School
    Horizon Capus

  10. I would really appreciate if I get this.I really wish to get a bachelors degree in social work. please update me when application begins

  11. I m from nepal….N I hv passed out my higher secondary school(12 class)…N I m now seeking for the schoolarship for my further studies…I m from science stream ( biology group) n I hv scored 67 % in 12 …
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  13. iam amother for 4 children icanot togo any where b/c of family case but ican learen online pleas send to me applicatoin form

  14. This sounds fascinating. I am Shepherd Murahwi a Zimbabwean wishing to advance my studies at PhD level in the area of social sciences or humanities. Does this programme offer opportunities for careers along this root. Am willing to be anywhere in the world

  15. I Would really appreciate if I could get this fellowship in the field of higher education computer

  16. I would love to get an opportunity to further , learn and improve my skills .Personally this would be a dream came true to travel ,meet new people while creating a career for myself

  17. please count me in I will really appreciate to get this fellowship in the field of higher education administration

  18. i… There am so gladly with your company and
    would like to work with you in any country all over
    the world if you give a chance
    Please tell me the processing
    My God bless you

  19. I want continue my studying in an foreing university because in my there are lack of good superior training school

  20. Hi I\’m Catherine,
    I\’m very excited to hear about this offer, at the moment I\’m studying health and skin care.
    It\’s with great gratitude To take on the offer. Please notify me when application are open

  21. About the university make me to choose this country…..
    Anywea best university in the world to opinion interms of facilities and other thing. thats about the university to my view…
    I wil appreciate if i get this fellowship to the puplic health or business admintration eithe one of them………….

  22. Hello dear sir or madam !
    This Yomif from Ethiopia I have qualified in degree of Tourism Management from the school of business and economics in 2015 with good grade as soon as I have graduated from univesity I won chinese language scholarship for six months in china university called TUTE. however, because of I finishef my agreement with china government I went back to Ethiopia in the past Februery 2016. After I went back to Ethiopia I have worked as language transletor and General hotel manager.
    Dear sir/madam Because of I need to apply for this scholarship please what could you advice me?
    and I need your help and support as much as you can.
    query: could I fulfill your criteria?
    Lastly I have no word for you because of you are doing many effort for those who have no their own income.
    I can\’t wait for your response!
    bless you more

  23. I am grateful that this email came to me and I actually want to be part of this life time opportunity.
    Thanks for such an opportunity.

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  25. Its really a God blessing to get this chance and I would like to join you from now, could you please grant me this chace? And how am I going to receive it?

  26. Dear sir / madam,
    I am a Gambian student I have recently completed high school, I am a well self motivated student who delivers 100% in what I do. I am academically excellent and I have high sence of responsibility and organising ability, but I have I not been able continue my education due to financial inability. So I am hereby requesting help.
    Best regards.+2203078390

  27. Though I\’m from an Anglophone country, Malawi, but I\’m interested to study French linguistics in the USA, so I need your help.

  28. I am very interested to study Human Resource Management through Hubert Humphrey Fellowship. Therefore, could you please forward to me the enrollment application form and other necessary information.

    Thank you

  29. Hi am by names kenyi Joshua
    Am so astonished by such an opportunity by the will of God i just want to be part of the fellowship in theology starting from certificate up to the bachelor\’s degree in theology
    So how can i get the application forms.
    Many thanks

  30. Am a medical clinical officer who would like to study general medicine or public health.How can I achieve this scholarship.
    I will be great full if am considered.

  31. Interesting. i wish to join the fellowship. 5 star to HUBERT HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP.

    thank you for giving us this great opportunity and am willing to take it.

  32. l am very happy to see this great opportunity so with this delight I would like to apply for this scholarships because is a perfect match for me.I am a Tourism and Hospitality management graduate who is keen to sustainable development practices. But I am limited because of financial constraints .l will be very grateful if this opportunity is give to me to study in this university to equipped me for me to help others. Thanks

  33. I hold a Diploma in Education and have taught for seven years .I have a distinction in Mathematics and was the best student main subjects (mathematics) at college.I would really appreciate if I could get this fellowship in the field of Higher Educational administration.

    I have Computer skills in P.C Printer repairs and maintenance and Data Communication and Networking from the University of Zimbabwe

  34. I am a Tanzanian by nationality, I would like to congratulate you for good things you offer for us
    I will also be appreciate if you will count me in that fellowship.

  35. where is online application form since some stays away far from the Capital and has little logistics to travel.Kindly avail one of the same.

  36. Hi im mashego monicca mkubake im interested to a scholarship i will be happy when i get it

  37. I am very happy to get to know the availability of Hubert Humphrey fellowship program.
    It is wonderful to know such fellowship program is offering through internet and I am very interested to apply for participating.
    The field I am interested in is Public Health Policy and Management.
    Please send me more information and application forms by posting to my Address.
    Philip Pakalu
    P.O.Box 198

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.
    Philip Pakalu.

  38. Bonjour je suis une étudiante en technique des laboratoire, camerounaise et résident a douala.si vous pouvez m\’aider à rechercher les fellowrships et la methode pour s\’y enregistrer…merci d\’avance

  39. I wish that if i get this fellow ship in Mathematics it will change my educational future and career.

  40. how can one get started? i really am interested in being among the beneficiaries to study economics.

  41. Dears

    I am a Ugandan diploma holder in business administration and an evangelist by calling. I got save on Saturday April 28\’ 2007 and Since then, through small fellowships and bible studies I evolved in, I have been serving God in various areas of His ministry and currently I’m a head of missions and evangelism of my community church (St. Stephens – Kisugu church of Uganda). I’m also realizing that God’s calling is now weighing up my profession.
    My aim for this introduction is that I am looking for a scholarship to enable me study the bible and build my skills in God\’s missions and evangelism operations to a higher level. I will be very grateful.

    Richard Livingston Ochwo

  42. I could really appreciate when you will choose me for this fellowship since am a single orphan and don\’t have fees to join university for bachelor of Anthropology

  43. This is actually the third time I am falling on this offer and I am actually determined to apply and enroll for this program it\’s really interesting and educational

  44. I have read all but am interested in short aviation courses since I did cabin crew ,iwish to add on with the aviation speciality. Which course via that line can the university offer me ?

  45. please count me in I will really appreciate to get this fellowship in the field of higher education administration

  46. Hi… There am so gladly with your company and I would like to work with you in any country all over the world if you give a chance
    Also I would like to congratulate you with all workers . am from Tanzania KARIBUNI SAAANA TANZANIA( YOU ARE MOST WELCOME IN TANZANIA)

  47. I would really appreciate if I could get this fellowship in the field of higher education administration

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