Magdalene College, UK Welcomes African Students

For more than 550 years, the Magdalene College has been the place dedicated to continuous tradition of academic study having its origins in 1428 when Henry VI approved the establishment of a hostel on the site for Benedictine monks. The monks where coming from their monasteries in the Fenland to study Canon Law at Magdalene.

Magdalene College is a lively college that shares a long tradition of strong build community, scholarship and achievement. The students hosted by college are coming from across the world having different educational backgrounds. The diverse society of the College is challenging and supports the mixture between students who have different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds.

Magdalene collaborates with the Cambridge Trust offering the Mandela Magdalene College scholarship for African students taking Master’s courses and the Clutton-Brock Cambridge Scholarship for students coming from Zimbabwe on Master’s or Ph.D. courses in the fields relevant for Zimbabwe’s needs.

The Mandela Magdalene College Scholarship

This award is available to Masters applicants, residents of South Africa and is only tenable at Magdalene College. The awardees will study at Magdalene College. Students who are interested in applying for the Mandela Magdalene College Scholarship do not need to complete a separate application, only the University of Cambridge application for admission. The deadline for applications is November 15th 2017. In order to be eligible, students should be offered admission to Magdalene College. Successful scholars are expected to return to South Africa to work or study after they finish their studies. The worth of the award varies according to the applicant’s means. International students can apply here http://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/postgraduate/international

The Clutton-Brock Cambridge Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Master’s, as well as Ph.D. students from Zimbabwe and it is tenable at Magdalene College. Students do not need to complete an additional file to apply for the scholarship however, in order to be considered eligible they must be offered admission to Magdalene college. Candidates will normally be under 35 and residents of Zimbabwe. Priority will be given to applicants in subjects relevant to the needs of Zimbabwe. The value of the award covers the tuition fees, and annual stipend, and a contribution to return airfare. The deadline for applications is November 15th 2017. Students must complete their applications at http://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/postgraduate/international.

We encourage all gifted students to apply and seize the opportunity of their lives. Studying at Cambridge not only is a motif of pride but it is also a chance to change the future.

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