A few reasons why you may not be shortlisted for a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is an intensive process which requires full involvement. It is a commitment that you are in charge of your future. That is why applying for a scholarship should be treated accordingly. If not, the chances are that you will not be shortlisted. What does “shortlisted” mean? It means that if someone is on a shortlist, he or she is on the list of preferable candidates who are selected for a final consideration. It is the dream of every student to occupy a place on the shortlist. Even though annually, many candidates who are running for scholarships, they are not shortlisted.

The question is: “Why you are not a successful shortlisted candidate?”

This particular question has given a major headache among the students; however, today we can shed some light on this particular subject and emphasize the reasons why they are successful. Keep in mind that obtaining a scholarship is not a “wheel o fortune” game but it has specific criterion based on which the scholarship administrator is awarding scholarships. Here are some of the reasons you should take in consideration before applying.

1. Misplaced titles and/ or names. This is an often seen issue and a proof of carelessness. When you have to submit several documents for the scholarship, pay attention and name them according to the subject. Do not mix up the names of the documents, or else you will risk to be dismissed. Imagine that thousands of applicants from across the world are submitting their applications. A small mistake can ruin your chances to secure a scholarship.

2. Inappropriate documents. Pay attention, for example, when you will have to submit your birth certificate. Do not upload the birth certificate you received from the hospital, instead submit the one you have from the government. Again, it will cost your scholarship if you do otherwise. If you have doubts, you can contact directly the scholarship administrator and ask for guidance. Create a list of questions which you will address to the scholarship administrator/ administrators.

3. Low quality of the documents. Usually, the required documents will be accompanied by some requests. For example, if you are required to scan and upload a document, check first if the resolution complies with the required resolution. Upload mainly JPGs and not PNGs. Read carefully the instructions. If your documents are in PNG, you can find an image converter on the internet.

4. Apply by yourself. Even if you are inexperienced when it comes to applying for a scholarship do not miss your chance and ask someone else to help you. Yes, you can ask him or her to guide you but it is best that you are present from the beginning until the end of the submitting process. No one can take care of your matters more than you can.

5. Respect the deadlines. If you are submitting your scholarship application too late, then you will not be considered as an eligible applicant. So pay attention to the deadlines and constantly check the scholarship’s website for updates.

Good luck!

  1. Thanks for the advice.After reading this i guest i will not make the same mistake again.I wish to apply for scholarship in Development Studies in Canada,i have been facing difficulties getting a school.I am Cameroonian and I have degree in journalism.i wish to continue my studies in Development studies or communication.Pls i need your help.

  2. Thanks for educating me. I really need this scholarship, I have a lot to offer my people.

  3. Hello everyone, I am Hassan Osman, and I am applying for a scholarship.i can money help me cost scholarship fully
    I am really lock of words but what I can still say is to thank for your help toward all the applicants for a scholarship.

  4. Hello everyone, I am Kone Lancine, and I am applying for a scholarship.
    I am really lock of words but what I can still say is to thank for your help toward all the applicants for a scholarship.

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