Women of the Future Scholarships

The “Essex experience” is the equivalent of pushing the limits, an experience that all European and international students have embraced it during their period of study at Essex University, United Kingdom. Essex has a long history of welcoming students from all over the world into its global community. The University’s learning and living environment develops amazing graduates whose knowledge and skills will contribute to the improvement of the world.

University of Essex, prides itself on educating amazing young women from around the globe who are encouraged and supported through the ” Women of the Future Scholarships”. 30 scholarships are available to equip women acroos the world with the knowledge and the needed skills so that they will become the drivers of change.

The value of ” Women of the Future Scholarships”

Each scholarship that will be awarded based on academic merit is worth £20,000, which will cover the stipened and tuition fees. The ”Women of the Future Scholarships” are available to non-UK women for taught Masters study at Essex.

Areas of study

The scholarships are available for any area of study, however, two of the awards will be allocated to students studying in the University’s Department of Sociology.

Eligible countries

Six of the ” Women of the Future Scholarships” will be allocated to applicants whose countries of origin are: Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Spain, USA, UAE, and Uruguay.

The eligibility criterion

In order to be eligibile, the female students who apply need to comply with the following aspects:

1. The female students have to be self-funded European or International fee paying applicants. The recipients of government student loans are also taken into consideration.

2. The female students have to be oridinarily residents outside the United Kingdom

3. The female students have to hold an offer of admission from the University’s of Essex Admission Office for a full time mater’s program in any subject, starting in October 2017 by the closing date for the scholarship. As an international student looking for a postgraduate program, read first the details about how to apply to study at Essex here: http://www.essex.ac.uk/study/pg/apply.aspx.

Before proceeding any further, it is best to choose a master’s program that you would like to pursue. Here is the link with all the postgraduate programs Essex is offering where you can apply: http://search.essex.ac.uk/s/search.html?collection=courses-meta&query=&collection=courses&f.Level%7CL=postgraduate

Only after you have been admitted to one of these programs you can apply for the ”Women of the Future Scholarship”.

How to apply for this particular award?

You need to complete the online application form by May 31 2017 here: https://www.essex.ac.uk/fees-and-funding/masters/scholarships/women-apply.aspx . Apply for admission to the University via their online postgrdauate application form here: https://www.essexac.uk/pgapply/enter.aspx

Also, check the full details, terms and conditions here: https://www.essex.ac.uk/fees-and-funding/masters/scholarships/women-future.aspx

After you apply

Your application will be reviewed by a selection panel and you’ll be notified if you’re successful by mid July 2017. Please see the full terms and conditions for details of how scholarship recipients are selected.

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  5. please consider some of us who are from some African countries. i am female Ugandan citizen whose great desire is to further my studies. i pray that you grant me this opportunity

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  7. I am a single mother struggling to raise fees for my primary two daughter as well as her welfare. I need a scholarship to help me attain papers that can lead me to a well paying job, that can sustain us. unfortunately my country Uganda is not inclusive in the scholarship.

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