$5500 for the 2018/2019 intake at Hult International Business School, USA

Whoever wishes to embrace a business career, Hult is the perfect global business school aimed to inspire, educate, and connect forward-thinking business talents from around the world. Labeled more than a business school but a global network, Hult International Business School understands that learning about the world means experiencing it. Students who opt for Hult will complete their degree while enjoying the influential culture of Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, New York, and Shanghai.

Hult’s students represent more than 150 nationalities, and speak over 100 languages simulating the reality of a proper business suggesting that students will never know where their next contract, investor, or business venture will come from. Hult’s students enjoy the staying in its six cutting-edge campus locations strategically placed in the heart of the world’s most influential markets – San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, New York, and Shanghai.

Hult International Business School is specialized in helping international students find international jobs by providing coaching on crafting a personalized job search, high-stakes interview preparation, and workshops on salary negotiations aimed to develop a personal brand. Hult is also offering scholarship programs to undergraduate students in the field of business administration. The worth of award is $5500 for each academic year. Citizens of all nationalities can apply for this scholarship. Hult is looking for students interested to make an impact beyond business who will demonstrates passion, leadership, creativity, and academic achievement.

The admission process consists in submitting a 400-500 word essay or a 2 to 5 min video. Their submissions should illustrate their perspective on leadership. The materials must consider the following guidelines:

1. What makes a successful business leader and how the entrants have demonstrated these attributes?

2. What are their career aspirations and how Hult will help them achieve their goals?

Priority consideration will be given to those who send their applications as soon as possible. Hult is encouraging early applications. The admission deadlines for January 2018 intake are October 1st, 2017 and November 1st, 2017. Entrants can complete the application online accessing the following link http://studentapplication.hult.edu/en/?_ga=2.65201070.1463678740.1506496148-705611674.1506496148.

Winners must confirm their place no later than May 1st 2018 otherwise their allocated funds will be released to other students. The scholarships can be renewed each year based on their academic performance and other aspects such as no violation of honor codes. Students must not be on academic probation either.


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