Students Born or Living in Vietnam are Awarded by University of the People

Have you ever dreamed about studying at a university where you are not charged for your educational instruction, annual enrollment or course materials? I bet you did and with your eyes wide open. Keep your eyes opened because what I am about to tell you is neither fiction nor real but impossible to be reached.

University of the People, a famous and reputable online university, does not charge students for their academic preparation. Specifically, students have a 100% scholarship towards their tuition. However, the university charges modest fees for assessments maintaining the tuition free online degree structure. So, choosing any distance learning program offered by the university is not comparable financially with any other online university you have considered so far.

University of People collaborates with top corporations and organizations being them those who provide grants and scholarships to students who need financial support for the required processing fees. You are free to apply for any scholarship that best fits you. The mission of the university is to dissolve the barrier that stands between students and the common financial requests of the universities.

So, in order to dissolve this barrier, the university offers a number of options aimed to assist students in need of financial aid. One option is dedicated to students born or living in Vietnam. This scholarship is dedicated to new students. So, in case you are a Vietnamese student, choose quickly a distance learning program and start the academic adventure of your life. Let’s see what do we know about this scholarship.

Steve and Roberta Denning funded this scholarship and it is awarded towards associate degree programs and will fund 10 Assessment fees per award with potential renewal. This scholarship is aimed to encourage motivated students to seize the opportunity of earning an accredited, academic degree. You are welcome to apply for this scholarship but only after you have completed your student application and been admitted at the university.

If excitement is what describes your mood now, then feel free to apply for the scholarship here https://www.uopeople.edu/application/. Questions about this scholarship may be addressed to Financial Aid at financial.aid@uopeople.edu.

Do not wait no more and start building your future now. This could be the opportunity of your life where dealing equally with your education and your career will bring you not only satisfaction but a solid ground under the feet of your career.

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