Felix Scholarships for Indian and Non-Indian Students

Outstanding students from India have been given the opportunity to shine even brighter benefitting of Felix Scholarships at the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Felix scholarships have been a big support for students since 1991. Securing one of the Felix scholarships, students obtain the chance to study at one of the three partner universities without feeling the burden of any financial investment.

Felix scholarships are distributed to Indian students as well as Non-Indian who wish to further their studies and undertake a full-time master’s course or full-time DPhil course at Oxford. Students who apply must not have previously studied a course at the same level as the course to which they intend to apply. Additionally, the following eligibility criteria must apply:

  • Students must be nationals and residents in India;
  • Students must have a first-class undergrad or master’s degree from an Indian university;
  • Students must not hold a degree from a university outside India;
  • Students must return to India after the completion of studies.

For those wishing to apply for a non-Indian Felix scholarship, they should know that one awarded is offered per year to a Non-Indian student who is a national of and ordinarily resident in a low-income country, outside of India. The list of low-income countries categorized by the World Bank can be accessed here https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519#Low_income. Additionally, students who apply for a non-Indian scholarship they must:

  • Hold a first-class undergraduate or master’s degree;
  • Hold a degree from a university outside of their home country;
  • Must return home after completing their studies.

The scholarship will cover 100% of University and college fees, a grant for living costs which is around £14,100 and one return flight from India to the UK. Awards will be made for the full duration of their fee liability for the agreed course. The full list containing all the courses offered by Oxford where the Felix scholarships are applicable can be found here http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate. In order to check the admission deadlines, students can review them directly by accessing the chosen subject. Once they click on their chosen subject, they will be informed about the entry requirements, resources, how to apply, and the admission status. Deadlines differ from one subject to another.

Entrants for the Felix scholarships at Oxford – unlike those from The Graduate School University of Reading or SOAS – should note that there is no need for a separate application. They must only submit their application for graduate study by January 6th or January 20th. The closing dates for Reading and SOAS can be found here http://www.felixscholarship.org/how-to-apply.aspx.

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