Save up to $5000 with the Master Nurse Leadership Scholarship

Whether you are a professional with a full-time commitment to work and family or a student willing to further his/ her education but burdened by the financial costs that come with being a student, University of Phoenix is waiting for you. The university was founded upon the vision of making higher education more available. So, regardless any of the following backgrounds – social, political, economic, cultural and so one – the university has gathered determined students from across the world.

The university offers convenient classes offered both online and offline facilitating the access to working professionals and students as well. Even if you might not be on campus, the university will never leave you alone. As an online student you will have access to an innovative learning platform, career services and wealth educational resources such as writing labs, math labs, online library and so one.

University of Phoenix is offering a diversified range of specializations, nursing being among its fields of study. If you think you are ready to make moves in your nursing career and earn an advanced nursing degree, then taking a step toward your future in healthcare should not wait anymore. No matter your level of nursing degree you wish to pursue, the university and the advisors will help you without any doubt. Access the following link http://www.phoenix.edu/nursing.html in order to find more about the featured programs in nursing offered by the university.

Phoenix has also a scholarship program destined for online nursing students named Master Nurse Leadership Scholarship. If you are eligible, the chances that you might earn up to $2,500 or $5,000 in tuition reductions are in your favor. In order to apply for it, you need to fill the web-based form here http://www.phoenix.edu/nursing.html. You do not need to wait until graduation to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. With the scholarship Master program offered by the university you can enjoy a generous fee that will help you save more.

However, do not dismiss the requirements established for the program. It is important that you have a GPA score equivalent to 3.0. Because the award level for the initial progress period us determined by the table which can be found in the link from below http://www.phoenix.edu/tuition_and_financial_options/scholarships/institutional-scholarships/prospective-students/master-nurse-leadership-scholarship.html. Also, in the link you will find a detailed list of all the established criteria based on which the selection will be made.

Good luck!

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