What are some Popular College Scholarships?

There isn’t any end to the quantity of available scholarships to those who want to attend online colleges. With scholarships based upon heritage, academic achievement, financial need, or special talents, odds are, there is a scholarship available to you, and it is encouraged that you investigate your choices. The following include some of the most sought after scholarships out there these days for online universities.

NCAA college Scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, doesn’t directly give out scholarships, yet NCAA schools provide over $1.5 billion within athletic scholarships each year, covering all types of online colleges costs, and with awards which might be big enough to offer you a complimentary ride.

Google college Scholarships

Youthful tech students have many choices for Google Scholarships for online universities, which include, for female students in technology and computer science, the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, and for high school seniors that intend to study computer science, the Generation Google Scholarship.

United Negro College Fund

United Negro College Fund possesses hundreds of scholarship programs, that offer over 60,000 low-to-moderate income individuals money for online degree programs for college.

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society gives out thousands of dollars within scholarship funds to engineering students and computer science who attend online universities every year through different programs.

Coke™ Scholars Foundation

With Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation more than 1,000 students receiving an online degree obtain scholarships every year, with awards that total $3.4 million per year. Awards from the program are very generous, with some getting an online degree who receive up to $20,000 for their education.

Microsoft scholarships

Microsoft will support undergraduate students attending online colleges in computer science and associated technical disciplines with different scholarships.


Typically, loans aren’t free money. Within many cases they’ll have to be paid back within ten years of graduation, unless the student qualifies for forgiveness of the loan.

Federal Perkins Loan

The A Perkins Loan includes a campus-based loan offered from participating schools that are from a restricted federal government money pool.

PLUS (Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)

The A PLUS Loan permits an individual’s parents to borrow funds to cover all expenses not already covered by a student’s package for financial aid.

Direct Unsubsidized and Direct Subsidized Loans

Those federal loans are made for those who have financial need, and up to $138,000 may be borrowed for graduate students who are independent.

Direct Consolidation Loan

Those who have several federal student loans may use the Direct Consolidation Loan to blend them into a single loan.

Private student loans

Beyond what’s received from our federal government, it’s also possible to ask for extra loan funds from a private lender.

  1. I am 22 an ethiopian .I would like to study in agriculural economics in your country.but am not finanicially stong .please can you help me find a scholar ship.
    thank you faith fully
    Guesh Endrias

  2. I am 24 and an ethiopian .I would like to study MSC in agricultural economics and am interested to be the one those whom you had given scholar ship . please acept me request in advance.

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    Thanks and God bless
    Khalifa Steve

  4. I would really like to study out of my country as it has been my dream.My dream can not be granted since am not financially stable…I wouldn\’t mind some assistance.I will be greatful.Thank you

  5. Am Nasibo abdullahi,since I got through with my secondary level, I have been trying my best to get fees to join college and persue my dream of designer but the problem is that I did not get the fees. Fees needed are 60 thousand kenyan money…. my number is 0715868335.Thank you

  6. Hi.Am James.Currently studying electrical andTelecommunications in Multimedia .Am in need of improving my skills practically from the experience have hard, in most developed telecomms countries.looking for a good financial well wisher who can help me launch and protect my SSDD voting app have come up with that can help anyone vote from whatever part in the country.it ain’t internet based but also a big reward to whoever can hack it.

  7. Hello,

    You have been informed about some of the most popular college scholarships around the world. Check which one suits you best and apply.

  8. My Name is Henok Tilahun Bekele, i am From Ethiopia the land of Origins, i was graduated from Adama Sciense and Technology university from school of Business and know i am an employee of Oromia International Bank s.c. after today means 3 years expirience on banking industry i would like to study my masters program in yours country please help me and tell me the directions how i can meet my dream .

    Tel: 09-10-76-85-58 Email: henoktilahun2004@gmail.com

  9. Thanks for your reply .My aim is to get scholarshipnot on line .so if you have possibility .I am looking forward to hearing from u.thanks.

  10. I am sibonelom Ndlovu and I am not using online university but I attend at MUT at South Africa my question is what can i do in order to apply for this scholarship ,i’m doing my diploma in human resource management.

  11. im wish to persue my special talent through your assistancel, im financially crippled. in addition l wish to study abroad to acquire better and well advanced education. May you kindly help me with how l can apply your scholarship, im needy.

  12. Iam grateful for the opportunity i’ve been given bt the problem is the offer of my schorlaship still stand please can you answer mi quest as soon as you get this and again i’ll honoured

  13. I am Abebe Asdenek from Ethiopia. I have BSc with mathematics.l need teach MSc from your organization. please contact with me.

  14. I am a young man .I have just completed my high school and im interested in studying Economics,but im financially handicapped.May you kindly assist me on how to apply .Thank you in advance

  15. Hello Sir, thank you so much for the information. Please I want to study medical sciences and the scholarship will really help me. But how may I go about it?. Am a Nigerian.

  16. My name is maneo mthi i finished my matric last year its would be a great pleasure for me to study at ur country and its would be a great opportunity ,im good at Business studies and Accounting i can ensure you that if i get this scholarship i perform the best except that i have financial problems

  17. My name is Bright, I graduated high school three years ago. I have always wanted to pursue a career in engineering but due to financial set backs I have been forced to reconsider my choice. I was recently accepted to study Managerial Accounting at one of our local universities, but I don’t think I will be able to afford the expensive tuition fees.
    To keep the story short, I’ll be more than thankful if am offered a scholarship to study Accounting or Computer Science at any institution even online anywhere in the world.
    I have a passion for learning and due to my past failures I have taught myself to always get back up and persevere

  18. I’m Hlamalani Makhubele, I’m 20 I would like to study logistics in your country. .but the problem is finance

  19. I’m Rinaye phadziri
    I want to study zoology at a university but my parents are struggle financially, I really need this scholarship in order to feather my studies.

  20. Am a matriculant who wants to study journalism next year at CTI.Is the any chance that I might get a scholarship to fund me? I don’t really come from a financially stable background.Anything to help me further my studies in 2017 will do.Thank you!

  21. I want to study after completing my matrix due to financially need I don’t whether there are still possibilities for my studies can your scholarship assists me.

  22. Am still a student in high school and my mother died and she was the only help me with my studies please help me to Educationalscholarship so that i can finish my studies please. Thenk you

  23. Dear Sir/Madam. I have read all the information provided and I am very much interested in the student scholarship. I have just completed the modules of second year as a social work student. I am currently waiting for the results. I kindly ask for assistance to finish my Bachelor degree in social work. I have been paying for my education myself but now i am not working ad the owner of the salon where I was working sold the property for another bisness. I am a single mother of two children. I did very well during my first year, out of ten modules I had 5 distinctions. Am looking forward to complete the career that I have started by your help. Thank you.

  24. i want to achieve my goals of becoming a graduate but due to my financial crisis am failing to fulfil it would you please help me with a scholarship so that my dream must come true. thanks in advance

  25. Greetings,
    I have just been offered admission to study Advanced Business Project Management at the University of Cape Town. Its an online degree and l am kindly seeking scholarship, l would appreciate any assistance in this regard please.


  26. Hi thanks for advising me.I am looking forwad to achieve my carrie and i have funancial difficulties.I request your help for the scholarship.Thank you

  27. I have been offered an admission with Rockview University for Masters in Social Work distance education and academic year starts on 10th April, 2017. The Institution has offered me a support of 50% scholarship. The other 50% is to be met by me amounting to K2380. The duretion is one year six months. Iam asking from well wishers to pay on my behalf at the moment iam unable to meet the payment due to the fact that iam not on emploment but doing voluntary community work not on a salary with Family Hope Foundation in Livingstone Zambia.
    I have a passion working at grass root in the community and your support would make my dream come true to fulfill my desire of servise to mankind.
    Your support shall go a long way liberate those in need.

  28. Having seen and read about the scholarship and also very interested in it. It was a great problem to me regarding financial support to further my study(mechanical engineering) but I did not. I kindly would like to ask for your assistance for scholarship or financial support. thank you.

  29. hey marvelous opportunity thank you so very much but l desired a scholarship to get to the university not an on line scholarship ,how can l get that can you help?

  30. Hello? I have gone through the information above, I am young girl who is an undergraduate and really in need of a scholarship, Is there any chance for me please?
    looking forward to your reply

  31. I am a grade12 learner and still waiting for my results which will be out in January and I really need a scholarship to further my studies next year

  32. Am Michael Siment, Malawian, i need scholarship to study biomedical engineering science barchalas degree program but i am financially poor.Its my wish that you should have to consider me.
    any current affair can be commucated to me on +265888127844 or at simentmichael@gmai.com
    Looking forward to your help

  33. Thanks for the information. i am aged 27. i hold a bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Bishop Stuart University. i am a Ugandan and i am requesting you that in case of any opportunity for Uganda i am considered.
    Is it easy that some one can study from His or Her country?

  34. My name is Muabutoh Rostant Issa. I am 17 years old. My Nationality is Cameroon. I am a student and love to polish my education in your institution of university in the field of information and communication technology.If I get the chances to study in your University. I will have deep Knowledge and Skill on Training and Development and developing new android stuff.If this chance is given to I will use it efficiently . I could not continue my Education in this domain due to Finical Problem because very things related to computer is very costly in Africa especially Cameroon. So that Please help me to get Scholarship Award and Application Form or loan for my study .

    Thank You.

  35. Thank you so much, I have financial program. Am doing Diploma in sociology, but now it is not easy with me. I request your support if possible. Thanks

  36. I want to pursue my bachelor course in fashion but I am not able to find a suitable scholarship for me. Kindly guide me in searching for a suitable scholarship.
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Sincerely yours
    Aditya Chauhan

  37. Good opportunities for students,and I would like to continue my study further.please help and giving adviced to me,I’m undergraduate student of agriculture.thanks

  38. Dear sir/ madam
    Hello,I have been searching for a scholarship and can’t find one..please help me to find universities that offer for the next starting semester… Am interested in nursing since and would like to purse my studies overseas…I haven’t started studying nursing yet but hope to study it overseas.. I only finished high school and I have been working in simple jobs here coz I couldn’t afford money to pay my fees for university.please let me know of any chance and will appreciate…
    Thanks in advance

  39. I am a university student,but due to some financial weakness i dropped.I need a scholarship to study abroad.may i have a full information about some of these universities.

  40. Dear Sir,
    I would love to have scholarship to study programming and graphics design. Please Sir/Madam, this really means a lot to me.

  41. Hi my name is Bridget Simani. I completed my matric in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree but unfortunately couldn’t further my studies due to financial matters. I would be greatful if offered one of your scholarship and show my appritiation through high grades and great marks…

  42. Please I’m really interested in Microsoft scholarship please can you assist me on this I’m from Papua New Guinea thank You.

  43. I am in somalia as u can understand the level and quality of education ,I am know in standard 12 ,I will graduate July 2017 if Allah says,so I need to find free education as I graduated ,I’m critically have financial challenges ,so help me to get it ,and I HOPE TO CONSIDER MY REQUEST &TO READ MY REQUESTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
    THANK YOU FOR your presentation

  44. Thanks for the information my plea is for scholarships am a student in Kenya taking education and am financially challenged please help me achieve my dream

  45. I am a final year student at Njala university in Sierra Leone, and am pursuing my Bsc. Hon in Banking and Finance. I wish to further my studies at masters level in one of your universities abroad but am seriously having financial difficulties. I will be grateful if you help me with a scholarship. Thanks in advance.

  46. I am currently doing grade 12 and I would like to go to university but I wont be able due to fiancial problems,can u please assist

  47. Thanks for this immesurable information. Does this scholarship exclude post graduate students in Nigeria conventional universities. Am anxiously waiting for your response.

  48. Thanks for this immesurable information. Does this scholarship only meant for online students. What about post graduate students in Nigeria conventional universities? Am anxiously waiting for your response. Thanks

  49. Undergraduate and I come from a poor family. I want to apply for Scholarship in medical carieer.am humbly asking for help

  50. hi
    I am a third year student at karatina university in Kenya.
    I would like to study masters in communications in agricultural extension education.
    how can apply.?

  51. Kindly sponsor me for a football Academy. I am financially unstable..
    Thank you
    Am from kenya
    I play good football

  52. Am Hassan from Uganda and am financially incapable to rise tuition for university though i have a great need to acquire a degree in social work and administration. my passion is working in disadvantaged communities and helping them improve on their standards. i will be grateful for the offer.

  53. I’m siphokazi Mhluzi undergraduate gir I want to study study faculty of law next year please can help me by financial

  54. I’m Sumolu David Jr, and actually want to begin studying now, but I don’t know how to start neither the process through which I would benefit from these free scholarships. Additionally, I am financially unable to sponsor myself despite the fact that I have passions for learning.

    Since six years ago when I graduated from High School, I have not had the opportunity to study further due to financial constraints.

    I really need a way out!

  55. I would be glad its either l continue with paramedic or do nursing .Please can l have nursing scholarship but don’t have anyone to pay for me since my mom is not working and my father died a longtime ago.will be pleased to get a feedback.

  56. That’s great idea.l would like to continue with my studies as l obtained a Basic Ambulance Assistant certificate and now l do need a scholarship to do Advanced Life Support (Paramedic).What do l need to do?thanx.

  57. I hold a diploma in Human Resource Management and would love sponsorship to do a bachelors degree in the same field.I am a HIV/AIDS orphan.Please assist.

  58. Hi I’m mahula Lethabo and I’m 18 yrs
    This year I’m doing gr12 at mohwaduba secondary school nd I’m deeply sure that I’m going to pass nd I wanna study bachelor of education at uj next year
    So I was wondering if you guys give me the scholarship cz I really need this

  59. am bonface osoro i would like to request for a scholarship to persue degree in computer in computer science have already done a diploma in information communication technology but i couldnt further my studies due to financial downs

  60. Good day Sir/Madam

    I am Anacleta and I am interesting for any scholarship, I already apply at university for my masters and my application was successful. However, I do not have money to support my studies. Could you help me to find out some scholarship or get a loan fund, please.

    Thank you very much

  61. Am shem maina physically challenged and if provided with a scholarship to study business managment would be of help

  62. I am Typerius kemei, a kenyan citizen. I have diploma in medical laboratory sciences and am interested to pursue a degree but I have financial constraints.
    I kindly look for your scholarship.

  63. i did well in high school and qualfied to join college but dropped out due to financial problems.this is really a great opportunity and i would love to be considered for the same…

  64. Hallo..am really interested in your scholarships…am a medical student taking diploma in dental technology…I would like to further my studies by taking a degree in dental surgery…I will appreciate your support very much….

  65. It is good,but i don’t know how I can apply and also I don’t know if my country is included among those who can get the scholarship.It is somehow interesting, it facilitate to create the better world.

  66. Thanks a lot for this opportunity . May you grant me the scholarship in my country so that I can enroll at any University not Online, please.

  67. Hi am nothando i realy need the schoolership because i have 2years staying at home after i complited my matric and i try to apply at IQ academy but they refuse because i have no one to pay for my fees. I live with my mother shes unemployed and my father died long time ago. Please help me.

  68. I want to study computer science or microsoft but my problem is money. Now wish i have the scholarship that help me in order to make my dream came true.

  69. I am currently in grade 12 my matric results are still pending until next year January so I’m requesting a scholarship to further my education I wish my request could be taken into consideration

  70. I am interested in finishing my Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication, i haven’t finished it since November 2009 due to our financial constraint. Is there any requirements for this scholarships? Even though I studied in other universities in Philippines?

  71. Am interested in pursuing bachelors degree in public health but I am facing financial challenge. Please help me with the official proceeding in applying for cocacola scholarship

  72. hi
    i am Hezbollah
    i am interesting for those scholarshios which offered completely free and i want essay competition and competition scholarship and also online free course

  73. please can you offer me a full period scholarship in your respected institution.pls help me gain the scholarship.God bless you.

  74. Please help me to be educated I really need a free scholarship, to foster my education. Am interested in studying computer science

  75. Can you assist me i want to study Bcom accounting next year but i am struggling with several financial challenges could you offer me with a scholarship

  76. I’m still at the university so I need help for scholarship so that to pay my fees because I can’t afford to pay it I wish to finish my diploma in Analytical chemistry engineering

  77. Iam Justice Chitete.I applied for Degree in Nursing. But I don’t have financial for fees.May you help me financially continue my studies either here or there.iwill appreciate for your consideration. Thank you.

  78. I have been looking for this opportunity, what are requirements and procedures?
    Will highly appreciate if ASAP

  79. hullo thanks guys,this a request from me how can I be helped in what am interested OK let me say am much in interested in music when I was younger I wanted much to become a good producer in music audio production I thought that I go to school up university which is Maakelele university in my country,but unfortunately I even couldet reached even in s1 this bricks my heart,anyway to cut the story the problem was not me but I had a dreams but my dreams couldet no I will lost my mother she elected me when I was 9years old so just need anyone’s scholarship how can I be helps right now am good in music because this was my interested now am a pianist piano guy I can use one a piano to play style s of music now the reason is I need help please scholarship me if possible thanks

  80. Hello my named is Joseph T Lamie from Liberia. I am a High School graduate. Presently I don’t have have the finance to go to college.So in this I am looking for a scholarship to do my BSc in outline course

  81. Can I get a scholarship to study bachelor of clinical medicine abroad or I can only do bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery.I will be happy with your response

  82. Please, I need a scholarship to study a degree in Medical laboratory. I have nobody to help me financially. Believe with your help my dreams will come through.

  83. I have been waiting for a day like this to come please give me a link to register and i would be glad. Thanks sir/madam

  84. Am Naomi in urgent of scholarship but not online…I want to study International relation and diplomacy..kindly advice me

  85. Thanks for the information, I would like to apply for a masters scholarship in any of these programs: MBA, marketing, international business or business management. How do I go about it? Thanks

  86. my name is Roza Yishak first i would like to say thanks for your support then let me introduce my self i am from Ethiopian(adds ababa) i have BA degree by management and also i got a good score from my university so i am happy if i will get this big opportunity that means if i get a chance, i want to learn my masters degree with related my field if you have any comment, suggestion and request please me via the below email address.
    thank you for you understanding.

  87. I need schoolarship i want to do degree in community development i have an adviced diploma but i dont have money to pay for my school. any schoolarship which will be available i can do it because i have an interest of continuening education to achieve my ambition.

  88. Hi,am Gordon,have been having financial crisis since I began my bachelor’s,please I’ll be happy if you people help me financially to achieve my dream.

  89. Hi,am Gordon,have been having financial crisis since I began my bachelor’s,please I’ll be happy if you people help me financial to achieve my dream.

  90. I’m studying History in Government College University Lahore, Pakistan. I’m the first position holder of History departement. My degree is BS(honr).
    I wanted to do Mphil degree in International Relations from Canada but I don’t have money to continue my study. I want scholarship to continue my study at abroad.
    Waiting for your best response.
    Contact nmb 092-03369777177

  91. am a ugandan with a bacholors degree in international business, willing to broaden myknowledge via business and economics for a better africa….thank your for any help

  92. Thank you for your unreserved effort to accesses education all over the world ,I am an Mscin pharmacology student in Adiss Abeba Universty ,Ethiopia ,and i would like to follow on line health related courses/full Msc free scholarship in your country ,So How i can search/ got it??kindly cooperate me ,God bless your country and you ?? ,

  93. Thanks, for this opertunity I am so greatful .But one thing I need to understand you have already to!d me I’ve been awarded the scholorship, so how can i begain? Please reply me as soon as possible .

    Sincerely yours
    Esayas Asefa

  94. I am a Liberian and have earned a Bachelor degree and wish to extend my education to Master level through scholarship. I obtained an honor and willing to work with any institution.

  95. You know most of African universities have a low academic standard ,so can you please send me a list of academically sounding universities where someone can study from ?

  96. I have completed my Bachelors degree in Public Health and i want to advance it further through a scholarship. Please advice me on the way forward because am clueless. Thank you.

  97. I wish I could get someone to help enroll my Diploma in Law to a bachelor’s of law degree . I completed my Diploma in law at Law Development Centre in Uganda . But due to the high rates of tution fees at the degree level i wasnt able to start my degree this year . This is a humble appeal to someone who may have interest in supporting me financially or otherwise . Am Isa Ssempala aged 20 years a Ugandan by nationality 256706380737

  98. Am interested but I would like to sturdy in a university coz am not usually online because of unavoidable Circumstance’s can you help me please?????

  99. I would like to futher my studies in civil engineering up-to bachelor level but am financial stuck and I would to ask assistance from you to grand me full scholarship to pursue my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

  100. I have been offered an admission to Masters of Social Work with Rockview University the academic year starts on 10th April, 2017 duration one year six months and they have awarded me a 50% a sponsorship on my dution fee. As such i should pay the remaining amount of the 50% tuition fee and others amounting to K2,380. Per semister.
    I therefore, seeking sponsorship from well wishers to fulfill my desire. At the moment iam doing voluntary community work with Family Hope Foundation in Livingstone Zambia and not on a salary hence the reason for seeking support.
    I have passion to have this knowledge and contribute to the well being of the people at community grass root in creating enabling enveronment which is peacefull to all and this is my dream if come true.

  101. Dear sir/madam,
    please help me with my education,am financially poor but would like to pursue a bachelors degree in Law, i really love studies but i cant afford it.

  102. Sir/madam
    Can you please send me detailed degrees you are offering as per requirements needed and names of the universities

  103. l am very much interested in your scholarship programs and i would like to get one from you as for now i am waiting for my A level results while looking for a scholarship

  104. My form four results
    English – c
    Mathematics – f
    Geography – D
    Kiswahili- D
    Civics – D
    Commerce- D
    Bookkeeping- F
    Biology – D
    History- D
    And am a soccer player aged eleven years am a goalkeeper

  105. Hi mister David I would really like to apply for the schoolership would you please tell me the steps to a achieve it .
    Thank you


  106. Am Olinga Ceaser I need a schoolarship in BS in engineering (civil) I completed my diploma through govt sponsorship coz ma parents r peasants they can’t afford if there a Chance for me how should I start need to upgrade

  107. The scholarship scheme is so appealing am interested sir since you said is available to me please how do I get started sir for degree program

  108. Am Revocatus Respich Kazanye from Tanzania,interested on getting a scholarship or either of the loans to support my undergraduates bachelor’s in medicine as my family is not financially good to support me,i can be contacted through +255757199555

  109. Dear responsible,
    I thank you of choosing to put to the disposition of people in need of education a way to realize their dreams.
    It’s priceless.
    I am a Haitian dwelling in my native land, 25 years old. It’s been 5 years since I ended up my classics studies. By the absence of my parents, I see myself in a hole where I can’t get out from. I see the solution, a force in my studies, but the problem is that I don’t have anybody to support me.
    I’d really like to study Computer Science.
    As I see you offer possibility to the world to do so, I think I could have my place in.

    Please, hold my hand!

    May the Lord keep on blessing you!

  110. I am very much interested in any of these bursaries.I would like to study nature conservation and I need funding can you please inform me about how to apply for these bursaries and which one should I apply for ??

  111. I am absolutely happy to closely interact with the online educational opportunities. But, I am much interested in having a full classroom attendance compare to online studies.
    In brief, my name is Mawei Daniel Arem. I am interested in human medical course.

  112. Am abdirahim kalicha I request any scholarships that can help me in my study am doing diploma in medical laboratory science in Thika School of medical and health science in Kenya please help me to complete my study.

  113. I have finished my diploma in education
    and would look to further my education career with a bachelor’s degree in education . I am financially disadvantaged and would need a schoolarship to peruse my dream.

  114. This opportunities will help those less disadvanted to further their education.I support these brilliant opportunities

    I am Pastor Josephat Paul MATOBHO, from Diocese of Western Tanganyika, The Anglican Church of Tanzania. 1st May 2017 I want to join at Uganda Christian University UCU for Degree of Divinity and Theology.
    I need money for Fee . I will be grateful if you put my request into consideration. $ 13675.25.

  116. Am doing distance Learning in information technology at aclantic international university, am looking for scholarship, thanks.

  117. Hi, am very good at soccer and boxing. I haven’t gone to college yet. I am willing to study at any university or college internationally. Please help. Can I kindly get a scholarship?

  118. Hello

    My name is Lungelo Kubheka
    I am interested in studying computer science degree.

    How do I receive an application form?

  119. Ok am Willis from Nairobi Kenya also a student and in need of scholarship, i know that many of my sisters and brothers out there are deeply want to parsue there dreams and mine is to pray so that they may get what their hearts are weeping to have i cant say am not educated because the little knowledge i have i always appreciate my creator and i know that if He wanted me to study inspite of my background nomatter the level i am then i know that through His willingness His wish will always prevail in the lives of His treasured people so its all about prayers,humility,patience and determination and living by faith that today might be rough but tommorow there is hope and abright future.thank you may GOD BLESS THIS PROJECT AND GRANT YOU PEACE AND WISDOM AS YOU CONTINUE IN LOVING THE SOCIETY THERE AND EVEN OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRIES THAT EVEN US HERE IN THE VILLAGES OF AFRICA MAY LIVE BY HOPE THAT TOMMOROW THERE WILL BE TEARS OF JOY THROUGH THE GRACE OF YAHWEH AMEN SHALOM.

  120. I will need a scholarship to also get into the university to study computer science. I will be grateful with the help. Thanks

  121. I m shaikh arif.sir I m really interested for scholarships course. Due to my financial problems I can’t do any good course. Now presently I m working in hotel. if u give me any opportunity so I will be really thankfull
    To u from button of my heart… any I will be pray for u guys that u can develop a lot in future.


  123. Thanks, for this opertunity I am so greatful .But one thing I need to understand you have already to!d me I’ve been awarded the scholorship, so how can i begain? Please reply me as soon as possible .

    Sincerely yours
    Othaniel H.Chenekan jr

  124. Have some interest in joining roehampton unversity for an online masters in special education. The course starts in December 2016

  125. I am a Zimbabwean young man wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science in your country, please help me get a scholarship am financialy challenged

  126. I am a Zimbabwean young man wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science in your country, please help me get a scholarship am financialy challenged but wish to study in your country.

  127. I am looking for help to do my online Msc Logistics and Supply chain management programme in 2017 with university of Sasolford.

  128. I am looking for help to do my online Msc Logistics and Supply chain management programme in 2017 with university of Salford.

  129. Hv finished my studies ,diploma in public health and I need help to further my studies and I was requesting for scholarship in Kenya. My family is financial disable.
    I will appreciate

  130. My name is Andrew Lavey I am a Sierra Leonean,I want to study pure and applied accounting but I am financially weak and I therefore choose coca-cola scholars foundation to help me either here in my country or any where suitable for me to focus.please your support is highly need.Thanks for your respond.

  131. My Name is Ms Yenenesh Getachew. I am 32 years old. My Nationality is Ethiopian. I am married and I have one child. I have Graduated BA degree Management from Addis Ababa University. I will like to learn MA degree Management. I have 8 years relate work experience. Currently I am working in Human Resource Development Department of Ethiopian, if I get the chances to study in your University. I will have deep Knowledge and Skill on Training and Development of Human Resource or management also a good understanding of Organizational structure and Development and I have confidence every decision. I could not continue my Education due to Finical Problem. So that Please help me to get Scholarship Award and Application Form or loan for my study .

    Thank You.

    Yenenesh Getachew Desta
    Expert Human Resource Development
    National Planning Commission

  132. am from Kenya did my form four last but due to financial difficulties and problems am staying at have not joined university nor college an just staying at home. am looking forward for assistance.

    I will be grateful if you put my request into consideration.
    Joseph Kamaret

  133. just finish my LLB degree and want to further on to reading another course like women empowerment.i realy want to help empowering women in my country because my country sierra leone is realy far behind interms of women being role models .

  134. hey for me i need Aschoolership to get A first Digree in laws or in Public Administration to manage my people in the country uganda and to fight corruption which is a problem faced in the population of uganda. so any help you can contact me through my Email Adress or in phone which is +256772999959, and i am orphan both of my parents were killed during the insurgency which were take place in RWENZORI region in western uganda.(ADF).
    so any support rendered me i will accept in God’s marcy.
    thank you so very much that good heart that you have for me.
    thank you.

  135. Its great that …there are people and institutions which can help..I would wish to do my masters degree in educational administration or economic planning and management….please can I get any chance …

  136. I’m interested in Studying International relations and diplomacy I’m currently studying at Unisa how can I get the Scholarship?

  137. Am financially unstable and would like to continue with further studies in Records and Archives Management at master level. …any room for that and help?

  138. Thank you so much bt i would like to study in Canada not online.What must I do.i would like to study a bacherlor
    degree in business administration

  139. I am a seaman working on German ships
    I spents more than 4 years as ordinary seaman and qualified able bodied seaman(AB). I want to study for a deck officer,unfortunately sponsor is very hard to find in my country

  140. I hv already studying at Private institutions .it’s to hard I can’t afford to pay my fees please help me with loan in inder to finish my studies. Please education is the key of life please help me.




  142. I will love for further my education but due to financial problem am still hoping that one day God will make a way for me, my dream is to become a great computer science student. I don’t no werther I will find help here, wish I have a scholarship to school anywhere, wish I have a sponsor. Please reply me if I can find help.

  143. I’m Sipatisiwe Vinindwa 16 years doing my grade 12 but I cannot study further due to lack of financial assistance…Please help

  144. Thank you for your consideration. I need a scholarship to support my education in Technical university of Mombasa am first year doing Bachelor of Journalist in mass communications. I face a lot of challenges paying my school fees due to my family background. please I need your assistance. Thank you

  145. hi my name is RUTH I I would like to further my studies but not on life , I want to attend am currently finishing writing my matric waiting for result , but due to financial difficulties am face at moment , I would like to get a loan fund , I want to do BCOM

  146. Thanks for that wonderful effort.l have read and is okay for me so what I do to get access to the scholarship. God bless you

  147. Am Francis from Kenya a fourth year student at mount Kenya university.Am pursuing bachelor of education art
    Am a talented comedian
    Can I benefit from your program

  148. Please help me get free scholarship I can do anything you want me to do please help me be a educated I to apply undergraduate degree.

  149. Have seen through this scholarship could you help me i completed diploma in clinical medicine and public health i want to upgrade in medicine and surgery.


  151. I’m a young South African lady never completed my matric is it possible that I might get scholarships from you guys….I only have a grade 11due to life’s circumstances I could not complete my studies but now I would like to complete my studies ,my only hope is if I get a bursary \scholarship.

  152. I need scholarship to study abroad. I’m a Ghanaian and I want to school outside my country. Please just offer me this scholarship okay, please.

  153. Thank you for your consideration. I would appreciate very much if i get a scholarship for a doctoral degree in special education.

  154. This is a good opportunity to further my studies as it is my dream. Therefore, I want to be sure if the scholarship can still be granted to me now that am not working. Secondly can the scholarship granted to me before applying to the university for am interested for coke scholars foundation to asist me.

  155. Am Blamo M. Kamara from Liberia, interested in getting a scholarship to obtain bachelor in Accounting/ Management. i have already earn Associate in similar course. I can be contacted on the following numbers +231 886 55 71 50 +231 880-38-59-32. Skype bkmoina2017

  156. Am interested to be the one among those whom you had given scholarship. Am an engineering student with technique practically and theoretically. Please accept my request in advance

    Thanks yours faithfully
    Chuol Bol Phal muong

  157. what happens to students who are already in the university but would like a hand so as to complet their studies

  158. Is there any scholarships which are not for online education because I would like to apply for one especially in genetics

  159. I need help to get a scholarship I passed matric in 1998 but I didn’t further my studies because of poor background.

  160. Hi there.

    I applied with Allan Gray scholarship for my daughter who is in grade 7, applaying for grade 8. She received an sms stating the application was unsuccessful. I plead to you to help if possible.

  161. Good day Sir/Ma,am Ogbonnaya Bassey Kalu from Nigeria. I have gotten strong passion for education, but am handicapped by financial factors. Hence, I would like to apply for a loan to facilitate my studies. Could you please help me?I desire to hear your reply at your earliest convenience.

  162. I have being accepted at an IQ Academy to do Tourism and Hospitality next so i need your help for further educational payment

  163. Thank you for the effort. If possible, please provide information on scholarships tailored for developing countries in areas of interest like agriculture, entrepreneurship, building sciences, manufacturing , industries etc.

  164. can u offer me a scholarship to study masters in an abroad country, am in Kenya and AM almost finishing my undergraduate digeree, am a talented soccer player bt pasuing bachelor of Education Arts at Moi University 4th year? or kindly direct me

  165. It’s soo encouraging for people who have financial challenges to finally find hope of studying though your organization.May God bless you abundantly.

  166. what if am already at the school and I face challenges with my tuition.can I be given a scholarship and I keep on with my studies at the same school or it requires me to leave that school and you take me to the school of your choise

  167. I am looking for a bursary as am going to do bachelor of law ( LLB) on 2017.I have applied for admission to more than one universities.

  168. I have a financial challenge but I have the qualifications and ability to learn and plough through work. Which kind of scholarship can I apply for?

  169. My name is Roland Y. Kollie of Liberia, a 2015 graduate from the Cuttingon university with a bachelor of arts degree in public administration and minor in secondary education. I’m interested in any of the above scholarships. Kindly notify me when the need arises.
    Best regards,
    Roland Y. Kollie.

  170. I would like to study fulltime but here the scholarships are for online degrees…Im interested and I need financial aid support

  171. Hi I’m Kamogelo Mashego I’m a grade 11 in Sybrand Van Niekerk high school in 2017 I’ll be in grade 12 I would be very happy to get a scholarship it’s been my dream to go study overseas, I’m a commerce student ,I excell in Business’s studies ,Accounting and Tourism, this Scholarship will help me make my dreams come true and also help me encourage other students that hard work ,drive and determination will lead us to a better future

  172. My names are Nuhu Zubairu, Nigerian by birth precisely from northern part of the country. I am interested in Coke Scholarship Foundation to pursue undergraduate study abroad but I don’t know how to go about it. Please needs help thanks

  173. My name is Abogu Joy Nneoma. I just gained admission into university of Ibadan to study law. My parents are dead and there is no money for my fees. Please is there any scholarship available for me? Thanks

  174. Please I want to apply for the scholarship because family encounter financial problem due to dead of my Father so is only my mother who is helping me now and hope by Gods grace I can get the scholarship. This is why I am applying for the scholarship thank you

  175. I’m a grade 12 learner still waiting for my matric results next year January and I need a scholarship don’t have money to further my studies..Im doing commercial subject,will be very happy if you help me

  176. Undergraduate and a total orphan at the university of Kabianga – kenya
    Taking bsc tourism management 3rd year
    In need of scolarship pLease assist

  177. I am ready and heart birth to an scholarships and I need to give me chance that I can become young African leaders

  178. What l wanted was to study in your country and not online coz l have seen people studying abroad what do they do to get there advise .l need to do masters and not a degree

  179. Thanks for that wonderful effort.l have read and is okay for me so what I do to get access to the scholarship. God bless you

  180. This is beautiful but I want to study but not online in auniversity better but not in my country in some other countries developed for better education. How can I get that scholarship. I will be greatful with your help in the reply.

  181. Am I still qualify to undertake some of the scholarships and whether my country are eligible or how. Please clarify before a decision can be reach. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  182. I am very much interested to further my studies but I’m financial challenged at present. Although I’m working. Want to complete ma once pursued Bachelor’s degree in Education

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