International Graduate Students Will Receive a Fully Funded Scholarship at DGIST, South Korea

The Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, also known as DGIST, is a research-oriented university fully supported by the Korean government being founded by it. The purpose of the university’s know how is to improve the society through development and advancement of science and engineering. DGIST intends to extend its activity and become a world-leading convergence university.

The university is reputable for its research-oriented profile supported by the projects where the great challenges issues that mankind faces are met. DGIST is also renowned for educating young talents to craft a better place through innovations and discoveries. The university has its activity focused in 6 areas named “MIREBraiN”. The acronym stands for Materials (M), Information& Communication (I), Robotics (R), Energy (E), Brain (B), and New Biology (N). MIRE in Korean means future nominating the future brains of the nations.

DGIST has opened its gates for Master’s and Ph.D. students dedicated to research in science and technology providing fully-funded scholarships. The award covers, as mentioned above, the tuition fees as well as other benefits. The winners will receive a stipend for Education and Research as follows:

1. Master’s students will receive 7.440.000KRW per year + other benefits

2. Ph.D. students will receive 13.680.000KRW per year + other benefits

The university is also offering the DGIST Presidential Fellowships which contain a special scholarship worth 3.000.000KRV per semester, a research scholarship worth a maximum of 10.000.000KRW and a study abroad scholarship valued at 16.584.000 KRW. Students can find here all the opportunities offered by DGIST here http://admission.dgist.ac.kr/site/dgist_admission/menu/478.do#adm_5

Eligible for DGIST scholarships are (1) students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or are expected to complete their Bachelor’s degree by February 2018. (2) Ph.D. students who hold a Master’s degree or are expected to complete their Master’s degree by February 2018 are considered also.

In order to apply, entrants must submit the following documents: an application form, a personal statement and study plan, a degree certificate – either completed or to be completed – official transcripts, English Test scores (optional), a letter of recommendation, other certificates that show the applicants’ capability and possibility, and a receipt proving that the application fee was paid. The application fee is 80.000 KRW which is $80.

The application deadlines are October 12th – October 26th and December 14th – December 28th. Interested students are advised to consult the official website to find more about the majors financed by scholarships and how to apply for the scholarships http://admission.dgist.ac.kr.

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