Pay for your higher education with this $3,000 poetry scholarship from Lycoming College

As a fresh college education online or offline student you’re probably already wondering – how are you ever going to afford college?

Today a traditional or online bachelor degree will put an unprecedented strain on family finances, so if students are to be able to pay for their on-campus or online degree program a financial plan will be needed.

A lot of students turn to loans, but let us tell you that loans represent the poorer choice. You should instead devote your attention to finding scholarships. You see, scholarships are free money which don’t have to be repaid upon graduation. You can use them to pay for your college degree online or offline, without spending your post-graduation years paying back for it.

Today, scholarships for college abound. It’s not like it was a couple of decades ago. Only students who were tap of the class had a chance to get financial aid for their on-campus or distance learning courses. In the present, things are a lot different. Even as an average student, you can still secure funding to help pay for your college education online or offline.

The Internet is teeming with scholarship opportunities of all sorts. Those enrolled with an offline and online bachelor degree just have to do a bit of Googling to find relevant results. But you shouldn’t forget to check with your traditional or online degree program provider of choice either.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Most colleges offer either merit-based or need-based scholarships, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your university.

Some colleges target unique categories like college degree online or on-campus students. For example, some award scholarships to support minority students who want to enroll with offline or distance learning courses.

We’re not going to keep this article theoretical, so will offer you an example of a college that is offering scholarships beyond merit- and need-based.

Lycoming College – a university that has been providing its services ever since 1812 – awards the Creative Writing Scholarship to students of college education online or offline with a talent for writing.

In order to apply for the grant, a candidate must be enrolled with an on-campus or online bachelor degree in Creative Writing and submit five poems or a short story (no longer than 10 pages).

Lycoming College awards six renewable Creative Writing Scholarships on a yearly basis to talented students enrolled with an on-campus or online degree program. In order for the scholarship to be renewed in the next year, college degree online or offline learners need to maintain a minimum grade of at least A-.

If successful, on-campus or distance learning courses students can receive a scholarship up to $3,000 to be used for college-related expenses.

Lycoming College offers other talent scholarships, including a Music Scholarship, Art Scholarship and Theatre scholarship. So if you’re into the arts, you better make sure you check them out too.


  1. I need scholarship to complete my course in Bsc Banking and Finance. Am in the 3yr now. Am financially challenge, so I need help please.

  2. I need a source of income to help me pay my school fees.
    Am undergraduate in a public university of Kenya-KIBABII UNIVERSITY.
    Am financially challenged.

  3. Hello my name is morice I\’m from Tanzania . And I have just completed my A-LEVEL studies here in dar es salaam Tanzania. I really want to be one amoung the future pilots. Please I need your help.Thanks

  4. Hi i need this scholarship very badly if you can help me then please help.I need to do something to my country and this world

  5. I humbly and politely request for scholarship to further my studies . actually I only did Kcse here in Kenya and I didn\’t further My educating so please help me.

  6. I\’m also into music too and I\’d like a music scholarship so it\’s either business management scholarship or music which ever u can provide I\’ll be good with it

  7. Hello I\’m Brian I\’m looking for a scholarship in foundation business management just finishing my certificate course in IT computer studies and business I\’d like a scholarship from you please I\’m also really creative

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