Washington State University is helping distance learning students offering scholarships

Pursuing an online education is not unusual especially if you are reaching a point in your career where you wish to advance further but can’t. With the growth of online classes, you are offered a lot more opportunities than ever to acquire the knowledge you need to advance at your work place. Washington State University (WSU) is one of the providers currently offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. online classes accessible for people across the world. WSU is delivering a variety or areas of study to select from including Management, Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics and many more. For a complete list of programs, you are advised to consult the official website and search for the programs according with your current level of study https://online.wsu.edu/undergrad/Default.aspx

WSU is a public non-profit university guided by the 1890 land-grant mission: Help students, no matter where they live. Furthermore, the university is proud to present its many awards and accreditations which will be shared with you even if you choose to pursue an offline or online education. You will be part of a worldwide network of other proud alumni. Besides the feeling of appurtenance consolidated by WSU, the university is also offering personal academic assistance and access to a unique Global Connections program, which offers extra-curricular campus experiences.

As many reputable universities, which believe that performance should not pass unremarked, WSU is offering scholarships to outstanding distance learners. One of the scholarships provided by WSU is the ASWU Global Scholarship. Only students who have received an offer to study at WSU are eligible to apply. For the 2018 admission, you are advised to consult the official website: https://online.wsu.edu/admissions.aspx

Scholarship Details

WSU and ASWSU Global – Associated Students of WSU Global Campus – are partnering to offer scholarships for the Global Campus students exclusively. The ASWSU Global scholarship is awarded only to new or continuing students who are currently admitted to the WSU Global Campus and who are paying Online S&A fees. Services and Activities fees are one component of the total fees and tuition students pay. For more info about the S&A fees, you are advised to consult the following link http://aswsu-online.wsu.edu/resources/sa-fee-information/

The scholarships will be offered based on the following: academic merit, merit and need, and financial need. The closing dates for the scholarships are: for the Academic year – fall and spring – July 1st ; for Spring only – November 1st ; for Summer – march 15th.

Only students who are enrolled in and complete a minimum of 6 semester credit hours and maintain at least 3.0 cumulative GPA will be considered for the scholarships. In order to apply for the scholarship, students must answer the topic listed in the following link https://online.wsu.edu/currentStudent/forms/scholarship.aspx. All the essay requirements can be found at this link. Down below, they will find an online application form where they will upload the essays and other needed documents.

  1. Hello there,was a link sent to me from Washington State university march this,year concerning scholarship, how do l apply?or it was a scam someone to confirm to me.

  2. l am onuorah kenechukwu G. l will be happy if l offend scholarship at washington state university. for computer engineerig

  3. Being a young boy who aspires to bring change in my country, i would be grateful if you grant me this scholarship. I want to study medicine. Unfortunately i dnt have enough founds to follow my dream . I really need your help
    Thank you

  4. Hello,
    I am Alexis Musafiri aleph from Congo D. R, I\’m looking for a schorlaship in technology or computer sciences (network), I am 22, I have already get the state diploma in pedagogy, I\’ll feel happy once you respond as well as my desire is.
    yours Alexis Musafiri aleph from Congo
    thanks alot

  5. I would like to appreciate your support, effort and good work.
    I personally would like to study from there but I don\’t have all the needed materials so pleases I request your help. Thanks

  6. How can I apply the course and if I get the scholarship,and I don\’t have a visa how can I travel to pursue my career to be a chef.

  7. I\’m interested to pursue my career and make my dreams come true through your help Washington.
    I finished my form four in the year 2015 and since that year I never went to any university/college.But I would love to deal with this course hospitality management.And may God always bless you guys for helping the poor and still rich people to get the scholarship if their not capable of paying there fee.

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