Beware of the scholarship scams and learn now how to dodge the bullet. Part two

We are continuing the dreadful list of telltales which can signal when you are facing a scholarship scammer. Knowing about who are you dealing with empowers you to take the right decision even though at the first glance you may think that the opportunity you have been given can change your academic future. Here we go:

1. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators which claim that thousands of scholarships go unused annually. It is simply not reflecting the reality. Preponderantly, the financial aid programs are extremely competitive. There are not unclaimed scholarships.

2. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators which claim that you will be awarded once you apply for it. If something sounds perfect, rest assure that it is not.

3. Beware of the scholarship brochures where things like these are mentioned: “this scholarship is yours”, “you are eligible”, “first come, first served”, “do it now or you will lose this chance” etc..

4. Beware of those organizations which claim to be non-profit or charitable. Take your time and inform yourself. If an organization is called “Fund” and is offering the opportunity of a scholarship, do not assume that it is an actual charitable organization. It is up to you to stay alert by asking questions.

5. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators who are contacting you even if you did not submit any scholarship application form. Pay close attention and stay alert to avoid a nasty situation.

6. Beware of the so called scholarship administrators who are putting pressure on you to offer a quick answer. Take your time to consider each and every offer, especially if it comes from suspicious so called scholarship administrators.

7. Beware of those phone calls which are announcing you that you have won a scholarship. Usually, the notifications are received by e-mail and not by phone. Even so, in case you are contacted by phone do not restrain yourself from asking more questions. If the person to whom you are talking on the phone is irritated by your questions, then you are talking to a scammer.

8. Last but not least, do not believe everything you hear or read. Unless you know very well the person who is recommending a certain service, you should not believe the recommendation. Do not be the next victim! Everything you hear, everything you read should be double checked as the internet is a great source of information. Whenever you find an information which seems too good to be true, check several sources. This way you will sort out real facts from misleading facts.

Also, in case you still have doubts and want to be certain about the scholarship you have found, do not hesitate to contact us on scholarshipsguide@outlook.com. We will find together whether the scholarship is worthy or not.

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