Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship for Indian Students

The Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship is a project initiated by Colgate-Palmolive India and is dedicated to all major Indians who have a child below 21 years old. Colgate-Palmolive is the leading provider of scientifically proven oral care products in India bearing multiple benefits at various prices. The products are divided into toothpastes, toothbrushes, toothpowder, and mouthwashes under Colgate.

The participation in this Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship admission process is easy as there is no scholarship form that should be filled. However, entrants must comply with the following rule in order to be considered eligible. They must give a missed call on Colgate Scholarship Toll-free number which is 1800 532 2213. The number can be found printed on the back of Colgate Dental Cream toothpaste. The number is also advertised in TV commercials.

Then, those who have called will get a call back on their numbers and be asked to choose an IVRS which is an Interactive Voice Response System to answer on a question. IVRS will also require additional details aimed to verify at the time the lucky winners.

The Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship is offered annually and even if the application process is currently closed, entrants will have the chance to participate next year. Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship was open this year for participating from 1st of May to 31st of July. From a wide random sampling, 301 entries who have answered correctly were selected and only 25 won the prize of 100.000 Rupees and 276 won 10.000 Rupees.

It is important that entrants meet the criteria in order to be considered eligible. Hence, only those who have a child/ children below 21 years old are suitable to participate in the Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship Offer. The selected winners were advised to submit a photocopy of the following documents to claim their prizes:

1. Driver License or passport or their voter identity card – they are used as a proof of address; the PAN card was also required.

2. Child’s birth certificate or the school leaving certificate used as a proof of full name and age. As mentioned before, only major Indians who have a child/ children below 21 years old are considered eligible.

3. The postage cost was supported by the company.

Entrants who wish to know more about the Colgate Dental Cream scholarship can visit the official website http://www.colgate.co.in/app/Colgate/IN/Scholarship/terms-and-condition.cvsp and prepare themselves for the following year as the application process is currently closed for this year.

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  1. l want to be somebody in my life, i want a scholarship to study IT majoring in NETWORKS, l dont want to study in my country MALAWI but outside

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