Ghana Development Fund at Coventry University, United Kingdom

Coventry University is pleased to announce the Ghana Development Fund award dedicated to brilliant and talented Ghanaian students whose costs of a Coventry University course in Cedi has significantly increased in the last year. The University fought to dissolve the tangled reality where ambitious Ghanaian students cannot further their studies due to the exchange rates that have fallen. How? The University has secured an extra financial support named “Ghana Development Fund” to help Ghanaian students afford the cost of a Coventry University degree.

What students must keep in mind is that the fund is not a selective grade-based scholarship which means that everyone can apply for it without any containment. Anyone who is from Ghana can enroll on a qualifying course that starts in either January 2018 or May 2018 can enjoy the prize. The worth of the award is £2,000 from tuition fees for every year the candidate studies at Coventry. Precisely, if a Ph.D. student wins this scholarship, he or she will have the possibility to save £2,000 on one year course while an undergraduate might save £6,000 during his or her 3 year course.

Each application will be judged based on merits however only the applications made through the process below will be taken in consideration; which means that students must consider the following eligibility criteria before applying for a course at Coventry. Thus, students will be considered for the scholarship only after they submit a completed application for a course run by the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing. Students can access the following link http://www.coventry.ac.uk/study-at-coventry/faculties-and-schools/engineering-environment-and-computing/ in order to read more about the faculty and the academic offered by the faculty.  Also, only students who enroll for the January 2018 or May 2018 intake at the Coventry campus will be taken in consideration for the award.

Students must keep in mind that only Ghanaian nationals are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Additionally, only Ghanaian self-funded who are paying international tuition fees are eligible to apply for the Ghana Development Fund. In order to be considered, students must fill the application form for any of the programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing.

The lucky winner will have to be prepared to represent the Coventry University as a student advocate alongside his or her studies. The International Office might require that the student will provide promotional information which is contributing to a blog, videos and interviews.

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