2017 – 2018 Scholarships for International Students in Canada. Part one

Are you an international student determined to transform your future into a bright career overseas? Is Canada the perfect country that inspires you to do that? While you think about how to deal with the financial burden that impedes you from furthering your studies, Canada (the Canadian universities) creates opportunity for students like you. Here is a list of undergraduate and graduate scholarships available for international students for whom Canada is the most desired place of study.

For undergraduate students

The University of British Columbia (UBC) offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to international students. Applicants will be automatically considered for the Outstanding International Student (OIS) and for the International Major Entrance awarded to undergraduate students. Additionally, they have an International Scholarship program which offers two awards – the International Leader of Tomorrow Award and the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award and both depend on financial need and cover tuition costs and living expenses.

University of Toronto offers the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program to outstanding students who make proof of academic excellence and leadership qualities. The scholarship program covers tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence for 4 years. In order to be one of the lucky winners, students must meet the eligibility requirements and be nominated by their school as leaders. The teacher, principal or any other institutional person who has worked closely with the student can be a referee. Once nominated, the student has the possibility to apply for the award.

For graduate students

University of Toronto is pleased to announce the opening of African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Program which grants 130 scholarships to students from sub-Saharan Africa to pursue a Master’s degree in public administration, public policy or public finance at a Canadian university. The award covers living expenses, tuition fees, and a fixed allowance. Eligible applicants must be between 22-35 years old, be fluent in French or English and have worked for 2-5 years in the public sector, in any research institution in Africa or a civil society.

The Canadian opportunities are limitless for outstanding students which is why you should dive into the comprehensive pool of opportunities offered. Stay tuned for what’s next! In case you want to explore all the possibilities, the second part of “2017 – 2018 Scholarships for International Students in Canada” will bring you more Canadian scholarship opportunities.

  1. Hello smile .l was a an double orphan. I have angry of life need a successful. Coz l was pay fees of my school since 3 year .so now am done in grade twelve last year. I have 7 subjects passed. So l looking here for the scholarship for me. I am interested obtain the students are much. Hope u help me this. I will hope seek by applying for scholarships when they will accept me, please my dear


  2. Hi can i get a master degree in either public health,political science or project management from your schools?
    Please can i get scholaship because i am financially unable ?

  3. I want to get this chance to learn there in engineering.
    If I get this chance I am sure,I will put my full effort on it.
    I am pen.I looks weak like it.But I can do everything if have something who support(hold) me.

    thank you very much.

  4. I\’m very interested to obtain the scholarship .I hope I meet the discribed criteria.Can you help me how to apply?

  5. May I be given the chance to attain the scholarship to do Medical studies(MBBS)…Your grant will be greatly appreciated thank you.

  6. Dear sir/madam
    I want to get a better chance to learn there in physics department.
    If I get this opportunity I am sure, I will put my full effort on it, and I am going to graduate successfully.
    Thank You very mach

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