African Students, Get a Fully Funded MBA from Stanford GSB!

Online degree programs are bringing education in developing regions, right at your fingertips. While online colleges are a recent development of modern education, students are more and inclined to be jump onboard with an online degree, due to a number of benefits. One of the biggest – is commodity – having the option to study when it’s convenient for you, be it in the morning or at night.

But before you start researching online degree programs online, there’s another issue you need to take care of and that’s money for college. Most online colleges out there will ask you to pay a fee for their services. So the question is – do you have money for college? If the answer is no, keep reading. There are ways to get your online degree funded. Finding a scholarship is the fastest and surest way to achieve this goal. Where can you find a grand? The answer is – basically everywhere.

If you have already graduated with a bachelor online degree from one of the online colleges out there, you might be interested to know about the funding program offered by Stanford GSB. Africa is projected to be the world’s second-fastest growing economy 2020. So Stanford wants to contribute to the region’s human and economic development by educating leaders looking to make an impact.

The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program will pay tuition and associated fees for citizen of African countries who can demonstrate financial need. Perspective students need to be interested in obtaining an MBA at Stanford GSB. Eight such fellowships are awarded by the educational institution every year.

As we mentioned before, if you have graduated with a diploma from one of the online degree programs out there and you are interested in furthering your education, the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program might be worthy to be taken into consideration.

In order to be chosen for the grant, applicants will be evaluated based on three criteria. First of all, merit – students need to demonstrate intellectual vitality, leadership potential and personal qualities that will enable them to finish the program successfully.

Applicants also need to be a citizen of an African countries. Dual citizens are also accepted. Residents of an African territory who do not have citizenship belonging to the said country are ineligible to apply at this moment.

Last but not least, Stanford will determine students’ financial need based on personal financial information submitted in the fellowship application, so make sure you don’t leave anything out.

To apply, you’ll need to provide proof of your educational history, employment history, one-page resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and a 250-word essay explaining your view on how you plan to impact in Africa upon graduating with the degree. Don’t forget that you need to apply before 7 June 2017. Up to 100 finalists will be notified before 30 July 2017.

So if the Stanford’s proposal sounds good to you, you should start gathering your documents. There’s plenty of time left for you to put together your application, as the deadline is more than 2 months away. Good luck!


  1. Hi dear I need this scholarship hearty, and it is a privilege for me to be in contact with you this day. i believe and hope that you support will be of much impact in my life. ready to do MBA.
    please your response will apposition me. thank you so much

  2. Bachelor in IR &Diplomacy is something new to me but I\’m interested in taking this program for the new challenges ahead.

  3. I wish I got this opportunity of scholarship because I started my courses without my fee…I wish you can help me with this scholarship to fulfill my dream and can be an helper to my family…as I can look after my sister\’s children. Thank you very much for your help.

    Looking forward to hear your replying

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