Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Online colleges have been gaining more and more ground in the face of on-campus courses due to the great amount of flexibility they are offering to their students. Since the courses are delivered online, students don’t have to change their schedule in order to fit into an already established timetable so they can carry on with their actual commitments while putting in the effort of obtaining an online degree. Many online colleges have developed different online degree programs in order to satisfy the needs of the growing number of students who would rather expand their knowledge through a distance learning course. Therefore, more and more possibilities have arised for undergraduate, as well as graduate students, to pursue their academic dreams through the means of an online degree.

Even though the tuition fees of online degree programs are normally lower than the normal ones, there are student scholarships who take the option of online education into consideration. Most of the student scholarships are crafted in such a way to help students with at least a part of the tuition fee in order for them to finish their studies. There are also some which cover the whole amount of the necessary funds. One of the student scholarships that are able to cover much more than the tuition fee, depending of course on the university you wish to follow, is the Global Study Awards which offers up to £10,000 per individual.

One of the most interesting online colleges based in the U.S. is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Founded as a private flying school in 1926, today it offers online degree programs in seven core areas: aviation; applied sciences; business; engineering; computers and technology; security, intelligence and safety; and space. Students seeking an online bachelor degree can choose from several B.S. options which are either aviation-related like aeronautics, aviation business administration and unmanned systems applications or they can pursue a degree in project management, technical management or logistics and supply chain management. Other options include communications, engineering technology and homeland security or emergency management.

Over more, there are also 22 online degree minors that are available in nine business-related fields, two in security and eight in aviation and transportation. One very interesting possibility this online university is offering its students is that it partnered with Microsoft in order to create Microsoft Software and Systems Academy which is a technical management degree program that focuses on the proprietary designs of Microsoft. On the other hand, many of the online bachelor’s degrees in fields like aviation maintenance, aeronautics, project management and unmanned systems are also available at the master’s level. The other online master’s degrees are concentrated in disciplines like aerospace engineering, human factors, leadership, systems engineering and cybersecurity and policy. There is also an online Ph. D. available in Aviation, which is a rigorous program designed to be completed in 12 weeks of online coursework and a three six-day residencies that are conducted at faculty-designated sites.

Find more about the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University here: https://erau.edu/

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