Valuable insights on how to avoid the scholarship application pitfalls

While securing a scholarship may sound a pretty easy job, things are a little bit different. Asking for a scholarship has nothing to do with initiating the actual process of applying for one. We have seen that many applicants still are requesting a scholarship via an e-mail towards www.educationalscholarships.net Unfortunately, not only it does not work since we are not scholarship administrators but it also proves that some students are not well aware of what requesting a scholarship means. Searching throughout their requests we have found common scholarship application mistakes which we will share with you hoping that it make a great lesson for our community.

1. Do not let other family members of friends do your work. Even though applying for a scholarship may be tensed, no one knows better than you do what is suitable for you and what is not. Parents are asking questions in the name of their sons and daughters, friends have also requirements in the name of their friends. It is amazing to have someone patting your back; however, it is you who has to express the questions you wish to find an answer to. Part of going to the university is becoming an adult.

Do not let anyone fill your application form because some scholarships will require an interview. If a friend or your family completed it and the scholarship administrator would ask you questions from your application, you could get blindsided during the interview.

2. Do not apply to countless scholarship programs. Securing a full paid scholarship is harder than winning one which covers, let’s say, the tuition fees. However, you will see that applying for countless scholarship will frustrate you since the positive feedback is in inverse ration with the high number of scholarship applications. You need to be committed to each individual application so that you will not make any mistakes. We highly suggest you decide on the best candidates while you arrange them by deadline and apply from there.

3. Do not forget to check all the details before you submit the scholarship application. Whereas for some scholarships you are required to apply one for some you will have to apply via e-mail. However, once you click the “send” button, it is impossible to make changes. We highly suggest you double check all the info you provide whether you have to submit them online or offline. Do not use an inappropriate e-mail such as boss.forlife@gmail.com or honeyqueen@yahoo.com. If you do not have a decent e-mail address, create one using your name and surname.

4. Do not apply for the first scholarship your encounter on your way to applying. Beware of the scammers as they will try to trick you into paying an application fee. Use minimum three different types of sources to read more about the scholarship you intend to apply for.

5. Do not be lazy and apply until the last minute. The scholarship administrator will think that this scholarship is an afterthought and the award is what interests you most.

6. USE A RECOMMENDATION. You can go to one of your favorite teachers who know your potential well and can recommend your case.

Please record all of them and take them into consideration when you apply for a scholarship. Good luck!

  1. I am really amazed with the kind of information provided online here. I pray very hard that am one time selected for a scholarship.

  2. I left form-four at 2015 and attained a C+ buh I have been unfortunate to join any college or university due to fee factors,,ave got the potential and am willing to learn,,i have saved alittle but,am in the middle of nowhere,,if i got a sponsorship,maybe things might change drastically and be better

  3. I have just graduated and attained a bachelor\’s degree in early childhood a second class honors upper class degree. Am looking forward to finding a scholarship to further my studies

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