Macquarie University, Australia, Offers Up to 10 000 Australian Dollars for Tuition Fee

Macquarie University was founded in 1964, with the goal to inspire and encourage innovation and experiment in higher education. It is considered among the best 2 percent of universities in the world and in the first 10 in Australia. Macquarie University is open and welcomes students from different backgrounds and with unique experiences, motivated to attain academic and professional excellence.

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is dedicated to international students (from any country in the world except Australia and New Zealand) and will cover a part of the tuition fee, up to 10 000 Australian dollars. The scholarship does not provide the students with help for accommodation, living expenses, health insurance or transport.

The scholarship is available for students who apply for undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. It is not renewable and can be terminated if the student who received it does not maintain a GPA score of 2,75 out of 4 or of 4, 75 out of 7.

Before applying for the scholarship, students must apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate program. The application process takes place online. Students who wish to apply for a course must complete the online course application form. After receiving an offer for a full time study program at the university, the students can apply for the scholarship by completing the online scholarship application form.

Undergraduate students at the Macquarie University have the freedom to explore different domains, attending to interdisciplinary courses or obtaining a double degree, in complementary or divergent study areas. Postgraduate students are encouraged to create their own research and academic trajectory, having more flexibility in choosing their projects and courses. Macquarie University offers courses in Business, Education, Engineering and IT, Environment, Health and Medical Sciences, Law, Security and Intelligence, Media, creative arts and Communication, Science and Society, history and languages.

If you are interested in studying at the Macquarie University, you can explore the available undergraduate and postgraduate courses here.

The application deadline is 30 June 2017, for courses starting in September 2017. Beside this scholarship, there are available other scholarships, dedicated to students from Kazakhstan, Mexico, China, Chile, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Pakistan or Uruguay.

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  1. Thanks for this great opportunity which I don\’t want to miss it. Currently I have diploma in Human Resources Management and I wish to further up with my education.

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