Choosing an Online university

A lot of considerations should come to mind when opting in for an online university. Some considerations or criteria you might one to consider should include:

* Is the school fully and properly accredited?
* Are there any financial aid options and what are the costs of the tuitions?
* Is a non-profit or for-profit University?
* Are the school alumni successful in their individual field of study or not?

Below, is a little insight on Accreditation and tuition fees.


Before opting to apply for any online university, what should come to mind first, is the accreditation status of the university. This accreditation indicates that a University meets quality and strength and due standard that should signify success for graduates.

It’s important to know also, that online universities as well, go through the same process of accreditation as do regular campus universities and most accreditation agencies accredit both the online and regular schools. Furthermore, some accreditation agencies are simply specific to just distance learning institutions like the Distance Education Accrediting Commission in the US.

Now, for the most of online degrees, it is suggested that students attend universities that are regionally accredited than nationally accredited, because the quality of standard are generally higher. More so, for some degree professions, which includes some vocational or trade professions, national accreditation is the standard. Additionally, some subjects like accounting, counseling, nursing, and tutoring have special accrediting agencies that due identify excellence in some notable fields of study versus at the institutional level.


Averagely, the total cost of used on annual basis for an online undergraduate degree is $53,499. Good news is, Students can save over $60,000 dollars by opting for an online degree program. This is on the basis that almost 40 percent of online undergraduate students and 42% of online graduate students depend singularly on basic loans and financial relief to pay for their educations.

More so, as the cost of regular degree programs continues to hike up, online degree programs are reliably becoming more and more affordable.

However, tuition fees at online universities varies, so as a student opting an online degree program, be sure to understand all of the individual tuition costs of the online universities been checked out. Here is a list of fully accredited online universities with low tuition fees.

Western Governors University
Annual Tuition is $6,070

Grantham University
Annual Tuition is $6,500

Kansas Christian College
Annual Tuition is $5,650 – $6,150

Iowa Central Community College
Annual Tuition is b$7,125

Baker College Online
Annual Tuition is $8,64o

National Louis University
Annual Tuition is $10,617

Trident University International
Annual Tuition is $9,000

Rasmussen College Online
Annual Tuition is $9,360

University of Northwestern Ohio
Annual Tuition is $9,930

Southern New Hampshire University Online
Annual Tuition is $11,520

Our Lady of the Lake College
Annual Tuition is $11,444

Abraham Lincoln University
Annual Tuition is $7,500

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