The Australian Laurate Fellowship for Domestic and International Female Students

Both domestic and International students are welcome to apply for the great opportunity offered by the Australian Research Council (ARC). The great opportunity, The Australian Laureate Fellowship, reflects the Commonwealth’s commitment to provide support to outstanding world-class researchers by creating new rewards and incentives. Two post-doctoral Research Associates and two post-graduate Researchers will receive up to $300.000 per year, amount reflected in their project funding.

Project funding can be used for personnel, post-doctoral research associates and research assistants, technicians and laboratory attendants. Project funding can be also employed for technical workshop services, access to research and infrastructure facilities, essential field research, equipment and consumables and many more. For the full list of benefits for securing The Australian Laureate Fellowship students can access this link http://www.arc.gov.au/australian-laureate-fellowships

The Australian Laureate Fellowships include fellowships allocated to exceptional female researchers who will have to undertake an ambassadorial role in order to promote in research and to mentor early career researchers, specifically women. It is an attempt to encourage them to access and establish a career in research in Australia. Priority will be given to researchers who will play a decisive role in building Australia’s internationally competitive research capacity.

The awards will be distributes as it follows: 2 Australian Laurate Fellowships will be awarded to successful female Australian Laureate Fellows commencing in 2018. Also, remarkable female candidates undertaking studies in the fields of arts, social disciplines and humanities will be awarded the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellowships. Science and technology disciplines do not pass unobserved without being awarded. One Georgina Sweet Australia Laureate Fellowship is available to one female student from the science and technology disciplines.

Female students who wish to further their education in Australia and start a brilliant research career can find more about the Fellowships accessing the following link http://www.arc.gov.au/kathleen-fitzpatrick-and-georgina-sweet-australian-laureate-fellows.

Given the fact that the Australian Fellowships are offering brilliant academic and career opportunities, they are extremely competitive. Female candidates are required to consult the eligibility requirements for each Fellowship and apply only if they are eligible. The eligibility admission rules can be found at http://www.arc.gov.au/australian-laureate-fellowships as well as the online applications.

The closing date for the Fellowship is November 9th 2017. Candidates are required to gather all the documents and submit them until then. Applications received later than November 9th will not be considered.

We wish the best of luck to everyone!

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