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Some of the biggest misconceptions there are about online colleges is that they do not manage to offer their students the same interesting and immersive experience as the traditional ones. This could not be more wrong for so many reasons. In the first place, online universities deliver their courses over the internet offering you more flexibility as you do not have to be in class at a particular hour in order to catch the lecture, but you can look over the notes or watch the video you have been given when you can. Online colleges provide you with all the information you need on the subjects you are studying and if you feel that is not enough, you can always dig deeper on the internet to please your hunger for information. Moreover, you can watch it for as many times as you wish in order to fully understand the subject and that is one of the biggest advantages online universities offer compared to the traditional ones.

In the second place, online universities make sure that the geographical gap between you and your professor is filled by offering you the email and the number where you can find your teacher. This is most of the times more comfortable than having to wait for the teacher to finish the class in order to talk to him. Therefore, online colleges give you the advantage of always having someone to whom you can reach out to in order to answer to your questions or give you the feedback you need. What is probably the most important regarding the courses of online universities is that they offer an online degree that has the same accreditation as a traditional one. Therefore, no one should consider that enrolling in an online college is a piece of cake as it necessitates the same amount of effort to finish the studies.

Walden University is an example of a university that realised the great advantages an online degree can offer to its students and developed 35 master’s and doctoral degrees that can be taken online and that are the perfect fit for working professionals who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to study at a traditional university. The programs cover many areas and include public health, nursing, public administration, health services, human services, information technology, business administration and criminal justice. Basically, it offers almost anything you could possibly wish for.

When opting for an online degree, you should also know that generally the tuition fees are much lower than the regular ones. You also have the chance of accessing student scholarships that can help you make throughout your learning process and fund your studies. There are some student scholarships which also stretch out in order to cover for the materials you need in class. One of the best examples of student scholarships is the Global Study Awards which offers up to £10.000 per individual.

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