University College Groningen, Netherlands is Sponsoring Non-European Students

Who would not want to attend a college where ambition, talent, and diversity are evaluated accordingly? Deciding upon studying abroad it is not only a decision calculated based on financial potential but it is also a decision which incorporates a future. University College Groningen (UCG), Netherlands understand the struggle of a non-European student granting scholarships aimed to help them and make them candidates at UCG.

UCG is offering the USP scholarship which is a grant towards study and living costs being evaluated at €12.000. The USP scholarship is dedicated to students who have an excellent academic profile but who are deeply in need of financial assistance to study. University College Groningen is rewarding students with great ambition but who have a passion for social engagement being determined to make a positive impact during their studies at UCG.

Since the scholarship is merit-based, students will need to provide financial proof of their need for funding. The USP scholarship is specifically available for BA/ BSC Liberal Arts and Sciences which is a 3-year program reflecting the period over which the scholarship extends. However, even if the USP scholarship is awarded over a period of 3 years, it is up to students and their academic achievements to use it in the second and third year of their study. The closing date for the application is February 1st 2018.

How can one apply for the USP scholarship?

Students must provide a letter of motivation to explain why they believe they should be selected for the USP scholarship. The letter of motivation must contain, in 500 words, their explanation on why they should be entitled to receive the USP scholarship and why they should receive financial assistance for their studies.

Also, students must provide insights about their experience with social engagement and extracurricular events. They must present how they would want to contributed to society in the future, what issues are important to them and why it is important for them to be aware of the USP scholarship. They must also explain their ambitions and how they would like to achieve these ambitions and goals during their study at UCG. The essay must be submitted to newstudents.ucg@rug.nl no later than February 1st 2018 with the title “Letter of Motivation – USP Scholarship”.

Students must also complete their application in OAS here http://www.rug.nl/ucg/application/application-process before February 1st.

Students who want to learn more about this scholarship and other as well are invited to consult the official website here http://www.rug.nl/ucg/application/scholarships

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