UNICAF, Affordable High Quality Education from the Comfort of Your Home

Are you prepared to build a brilliant future by undertaking the classes of the best online university? If your answer is yes, then you might want to hear what we have to say. UNICAF is the leading online platform that offers high-quality and affordable education collaborating with universities based in Africa, Europe, UK and US. Its current partners are The University of Nicosia, in Europe, Unicaf University, in Africa, Marymount California University, in the US, and University of South Wales, in the UK.

Each university has its own admission rules which have to be checked before signing for the UNICAF scholarship program. You can choose any online university that suits you and choose the best online degree program that will bring you closer to your dream job. If you are planning to be an online student at the University of South Wales, you can check its programs here https://unicaf.southwales.ac.uk/admissions/.

In case you think that the Marymount California University would be a better fit, access this link http://marymount.unicaf.org/admissions/. University of Nicosia will reveal its programs and admission rules here http://unic.unicaf.org/admission-requirements/ and Unicaf University is presenting openly its programs here http://unic.unicaf.org/admission-requirements/

Take a close look at their programs and admission rules and then pick one to be your online university. After you choose the desired online degree program, respective, the university you would have to submit your application. Each university offers you detailed info about how to proceed with the admission process. What do you have to do next? After you submit the application form, a student advisor will contact you.

The details you will discuss with him/her are: your qualification for the course, details about the degree, the eligibility criteria (you can find more about them here https://www.unicaf.org/eligibility/), the documents you will need to provide for your administration, the level of scholarship you are eligible for and possible payments plan that suits your budget.

After your discussion with the advisor, your application will be reviewed by the Admission officer to establish if your academic qualifications meet the minimum criteria. Afterwards, you will be contacted with the decision of the Officer and Scholarship committee.

It is time to think about your future and create the most out of this experience of learning from the comfort of your home at some of the most prestigious online universities. We wish you the best of luck!

  1. first am happy to apply,am birhane Yismaw from Ethiopia am 3 rd year computer science student but I got financial problems so I need this scholarships please contacte by my email address

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