The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies for Advanced Students

The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies is a distance learning and advanced program which has identical level to that of a university Graduate Diploma. Hence, students who will opt for it will enjoy assimilating hands on knowledge from the comfort of their home. This distance learning program is focused on the career outcomes of a professional technologist and engineer. It is not suitable for a student who has no relevant work experience or prior qualifications in this field.

A feature of the Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies is that it makes use of web collaborative technologies allowing attendees to work with their peers around the world on different renewable energy design projects. All this can be done, as we mentioned before, from the comfort of the attendees’ homes. Even if students opt for online education in this field, they will not be disappointed. The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies focuses on various themes such as biomass, osmotic and tide powder generation, wind and small hydro, and many more.

Why students are advised to attend the course? Because the course deals with practical issues of renewable energy; for example, students will be exposed to the modeling and simulation of wind turbines, and the design of wind farms. Although it is an online education program, students will enjoy receiving hands-on knowledge and be expected to undertake advanced design and conceptualization work where they will apply the calculations learned in less advanced programs.

As we mentioned before, the program is dedicated to more experienced students as the lessons exceed the basic knowledge. The suitable categories for this program are:

1. Practicing technologists or engineers with advanced knowledge, experience and education in the subject.

2. Practicing technologists or engineers with proven competence in a career relevant to the subject.

3. Technologists or engineers who hold a Bachelor’s degree – such as chemical engineering or mechanical engineering – and wish to up-skill in this area.

The following intake for the application process starts 2nd of May 2018 and the closing date for the applications is 25th of April 2018. The course is an intensive part-time program held over 6 months. People who want to find more about the program and its structure can access the official website of Engineering Institute of Technology here http://www.eit.edu.au/graduate-certificate-renewable-energy-technologies?utm_source=Study_Portals&utm_medium=online_portal&utm_campaign=GRE_webpage. At the same link, students can contact the advisors regarding the program.

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