AAUW is financing women education and researches.

AAUW is an organization motivated to empower women since 1881, one of its many actions it’s to offer international scholarships for degrees or researches programs at the US to women who aren’t citizens. Applicants must have a bachelor degree, (it won’t matter if it is from an online college) before October and must had applied to one of the available higher education institutions. Candidates are selected according to their academic record and their passion by working with women and girls; they would also have to return to their home country to become business, government, activism, arts and science leaders.

A motivational speaker from Zimbawe, Tererai Trent, the founder of Tererai Trent International received the AAUU Alumnae Recognition due to her labor on empowering young girls through her foundation. Also, Mahnaz Rezaie, a photojournalist, and documentary filmmaker who advocates for the rights of Afghan women was part of this project.

Being part of this project is a wonderful idea for those global citizen girls that are feeling they can be the next Malala or better! This idea was born to finance girls’ education, even if they are from an online college.

AAUU likes to give student grants to tomorrow leaders, it would help if you actually demonstrates what are you capable of doing and if they are interested on you, they will be willing to cover your complete master degree tuition.

Don’t lose the chance to be part to this amazing project, this idea is changing all women world and it’s possible to change your as well. They won’t care if you are from Africa or South America; if you are in your 20’s or in your 40’s as long as you are a strong women capable of working for other women.

AAUW this academic year will be giving 250 women to student grants and community projects around $3.7 Million. They are sure all financed projects will leave a positive impact on women and their communities, they are betting on all women future by giving the correct leaders the amount of money needed to create it.

One of the candidates that will be receiving part of the money this year is: A doctoral candidate at the Berkeley, Zawadi, is participating on a research related to the intersection of race, class, space and culture. This project objective is to help society to understand how its depictions influences class-based neighborhood changes and policy comebacks to gentrification.

Women have until December 1st to apply. If you feel capable of doing something like this, this is your chance.

  1. I\’m an Afghan refugee in Pakistan.
    I have completed my high school here, I want to continue my studies to the higher levels and become an independent working woman but unfortunately I can\’t , due to financial problem.Please help and guide me for a scholarship program.

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