Presidential Scholarship Program at Mount Union University

If you want to build your future based on simple but moral rules being a responsible citizen and have a fulfilled life, Mount Union University, Ohio has got your back. Mount Union University was built in 1846 by Orville Nelson Hartshorn and was meant to provide an equal education to both men and women. The distinction based on race, color or sex was eradicated.

Mount Union is home to modern facilities and most of them are new or newly renovated, including a natural sciences building, health and medical sciences, performing arts center, recreation center, welcome center and apartment-style housing options. You will be enchanted to study here.

You will also be enchanted to hear that the university offers eight full-tuition awards to outstanding students. If you are lucky enough (and eligible, of course) to win one of the eight scholarships, you will not have to focus anymore on how to save money for your studies. You and all the eligible candidates will be awarded Trustee Scholarships worth $18.000.

The eligibility standards are:

If you are a high school senior who has achieved an ACT score of at least 30 or a SAT score of at least 1390 and has earned a min grade point average of 3.75, you can enter in the competition. If you are an international student, before you submit your application, it is best to check the additional eligibility criteria established by the university; for example, English Language Proficiency. Click here http://www.mountunion.edu/english-language-proficiency to read about the requests you ought to comply with to be considered eligible.

As mentioned before, 8 candidates will be awarded full-tuition Presidential Scholarships. Remaining candidates will have the possibility to maintain their previously awarded Trustee Scholarships worth $18.000. You will be notified of the program result by January 1st 2018. The Presidential Scholarship is not only about receiving a full scholarship but condensates the Mount Union experience.

In case you are one of the eight lucky winners, the Presidential Scholarship program includes an on-campus visit experience and interviews and conversations with members of the Mount Union community such as faculty staff, alumni, Presidential and Trustee Scholars. You and your parents will be guest of the university at a luncheon.

It is not mandatory that you are admitted to Union in order to compete, you must have submitted an official transcript and test scores to prove eligibility. All the necessary documents must be uploaded to the university the week following the competition. You can login to your admission applicant account here https://admission.mountunion.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fadmission.mountunion.edu%2fapply%2fstatus

Good luck!

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