$6000 for online learning Scholarships

In a world where information is power, one can only strive to get the best education possible there is. And if this can be delivered at your doorstep and take advantage on it in the comfort of your own home and in your own time, why not profit on the situation and get involved in one of the many online colleges that offer their studies in order to shape a better future for yourself?

Following online degree programs is one of the most accessible ways in which an aspirant to having a more well-rounded education can manage to get an online degree while not having to make so many changes in their lives as attending a program in the city where the college is located. Students enrolled in distance learning programs have the advantage of managing their time in the way they desire, being given the possibility to attend a part-time or full-time job in the meantime. As most of the persons who chose to follow the courses of an online college are some of the students who cannot afford the general tuition rates, they are also given the possibility to apply to a scholarship program that can ease the way to getting an online degree.

One of the programs that offer this kind of help is The Best Schools Online Learning Scholarships which awards annually an amount of $6.000 for online learning to six recipients at $1.000 each. The competitions occur twice each year with the submission deadlines on the 1st of November and the 1st of March. The scholarship program is destined to U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents who are currently enrolled in online degree programs that have accreditation from an organization the U.S. Department of Education recognizes. They must take at least 80% of their courses online, have a minimum cumulative college or university GPA of 3.0 and be at least 18 years of age. In order to apply to this scholarship program, the applicants must write an essay on the subject: How My Online Degree Can Help Me Achieve My Career Goals. The members of TheBestSchools.org will rank and select the scholarship members based only on the essay they submit and the winners will be notified and announced at TheBestSchools.org website. This is one of the ways in which students enrolled in an online college can pay for the tuition, as well for the textbooks for their online degree programs, making it even easier to achieve a higher level of education.

  1. Dear sir,
    My name is mangesh Anantrao sahare from India. I born very very poor family. My father & Mather farmers helper so my parents dreams my son\’s well educated & help us. So I request u sir pls help mi education scholarship.
    Thank u.
    Mangesh Sahare

  2. A very good day to the schorlaship board I am by name umar Muhammad Yaba, I have the dream of becoming a responsible person to the society at large but these can not be achieved without been educated really need your help with schorlaship please.

  3. my name is kebede kassa .l apply from Ethiopia and also I have BA degree in banking & finance from well known government university. really l want to learn masters of any business field if you choose me.additionally l have financial problem to continue my education. please if you want me contact the following phone number (+251916579790).l hope education is the key for all.

  4. hello i am awoke abebaw from ethiopia ,i want to learn GIS technologies in USA so ,please help me becuase i was born from poor mother and father.my vission is always learn learn learn ……. and finally i will be approffessional.but economy is the first besic need to start the goal. economy economy economy ….. please help me.

  5. Heloo this\’s eliza i jest want too know z. info about how too iup grade my diplom same to australians educatioan back ground?

  6. I kindly request for fee assistance.. student at karatina university taking economics…response will be highly appreciated. .Thankyou in advance

  7. I\’m segawa Brian. I humbly ask if there is some one who can help and support me in my secondary up-to University. I will be grateful if helped. Thank you so much

  8. I am Aamina Ali I need scholarships I have bachelor degree of general nursing and midwifery so I need help and I want to learn abroad my master degree I like to be master of midwife thanks

  9. Dear Sir , Am Keren Apio From Uganda a Christian From Miracle Centre Church Rubaga. I have a Diploma in Business Administration from Uganda Institute of information and Communications Technology in uganda. I really want to get a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance but i lack financial support to achive my dream Sir, I need money for scholarship to continue my studies..Am also taking care of my family yet i have no permanent job. i appreciate the Scholarship .
    Thank you
    +256 704983121
    Keren Apio

  10. My name is Mohammed Hussein Rhamh , born on 15/9/1989 from the State of Sudan I am able to make independent decisions on myself to choose the most appropriate and optimal way to determine the future of my future and you should know that I am keen to take the responsibilities and challenges that increase my skills and scientific knowledge that qualify me to get Scholarship in Business Administration Although I am a graduate of B.Sc. in Mining Engineering specializing in Metallic Processing, I have chosen my Master of Business Administration so that I can establish a future mining company for the independence of precious and industrial minerals in the Republic of Sudan and therefore I need a Master\’s Scholarship So I can achieve my goal and help my country in the future but I have a problem that I can not afford the study if I can not get a scholarship because I belong to a weak family in the state of Sudan. I also have a skill in computer proficiency as well as the ability to think logically Around the universe I have high skills in the art of managing engineering projects, especially gold mining projects and other metals. I also have criticism of Albert Einstein theories and the interpretation of particle theory. I have the ability to science fiction and to see the world beyond. I lack the money for studies. So I hope you will help me to complete my studies because it is a dream for me.

    Best wishewishe

  11. My name is Karamuddin.I\’m Pakistani .i pass my d.a.e in civil engineering.i interested bsc in civil engineering.i have many financial problems.please sir give me full scholarship.thanks sir .03174030157

  12. Hi,am Simon Banja a south Sudanese but a refugee in Uganda I completed my form four certificate, I will be greatfull if I\’m offered sc
    Scholarship in your university thanks

  13. Hi,am Simon Banja a south Sudanese but a refugee in Uganda I completed my form four certificate, I will be greatfull if I\’m offered scholarship in your university thanks

  14. Hi my name is allegra tia and i \’ll like to study in your university so i can\’t paid please could you help me to realise my dream.Thank

  15. am very much in need of your support to further my studies,, al Realy appreciate if you concide
    r me for a schorlaship,, am from a poor family where by I can\’t afford to pay for my studies,, please help

  16. Hi,my name is yanga Ndlela I completed my matrix in the year 2016 with flying colours including mathematics and physical science I was hoping to futher my studies to any versity institution but unfortunatly I can\’t do to financial reason that am facing I just wish I could win a lotto and the first thing I could do is to apply for further studies my dream was to became the most educated person in the family but I think now my dream is failing away plz anyone help my cellphone numbers are 0767069260….plz plz plz plz sincely yanga

  17. Truly forwarding my education to the highest level is what i find pleasure in it. But I live in a country where to work and further my education is very far reaching. I believe that it\’s only through scholarship out of this country that I can achieve my educational dreams

  18. i really appreciate it if i am selected for this kind of a scholarship. i really want to study with a scholarship to support my educational needs.

  19. Thank you very much and very precious to share with us all the messages are not religion and we do not know yet, we still do not give this gift thanks to you because of our needs we have reported and the reasons why I was unable to I have to pay the university because I am unable or unwilling to let my parents die so please give me the exact same degree of education I have with my messages and applications that are not able to thankyou as soon as possible thanks to thank you

  20. Greetings sir,am not a US citizen niether am I resident in the US but please I wish to be part of this scholarship award.can you please help me out sir??

  21. Dear sir, am having a financial problem and i wish to study medicine and am not from U.S am from Nigeria. i need your help. Please help me (even if it is to write exam to gain the scholarship am read) i need your support.

  22. Dear sir .I wanted to write an essay to compet for the $6000 scholarship but Iam above 18 years age limit and I dont stay in the us . Please help me on how i can access the scholarship to study for a bachelor of arts degree in international relations online .I have no means to fund for my studies since I am unemployed .Please help get a scholarship. Yours faithfully Charles Kapingidza

  23. Like organization please help me financial to open small business project proposals like hotel and shop small business project

  24. I hope that someone support me financially to achive my goal of education .
    BCZ education is the key of success.
    So, kindly help me financially.

  25. Hi Sire: I want to get statistics and planning master degree I don\’t want computer science. so, if you have this course please contact me.

  26. My name is jackie and am leavng in Ghana .I am offering science nn high school and wants to become a medical doctor but no finance to further to collage ,please I really need your help to make my dreams come through

  27. I completed my form four last year 2016 and I got B but I have not joined university due to Financial problems

  28. I am Samuel Onyango I already need scholarship because I can\’t support my education due to financial instability, right now I am in Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology but I am worried where to get money

  29. I am looking for the scholarship but I couldn\’t understand your mail.I am student not related to any job field,so,how i fill up the from.

  30. I am looking forward to be a successful person by in forcing myself by good education but money issues is the barriers

  31. Iam gumato I realy need the scholarship because I was unable to complete my studies due to financial problems,am waiting to here from you

  32. To
    Scholarship Dept
    With great reverence & humble submission , I write to state that i belong to a very poor family .As i am an orphan _ my father had been died in 1999 _ Now my educational expenses as well as home expenditures are hardly fullfilled by the income of my elder brother who is a newly recurit having a salary of maximum 17 thousand .Presently my addmision fee is payed from loan taken from my realtives , I am very intrested in my studies so i request in your honour that give me a fully funded scolarship so that i continue my studies in a proper way .
    I will be very thankfull to you for this act of kindness forever ,
    Your subserviently
    Waseem Afzal
    4th semester pharm D student
    From pakistan

  33. Hi sir/madam.
    My name is George Kambalame from Malawi. I’d like to apply for the schorelarship. I want to do a course for Purchasing and Supply Management. But I don\’t have finance to study.it would be a honour to get your help. Thank you

  34. I am a versatile young first time graduate with the hope of furthering my education to be engaged in the world of work. Hopefully to achieve if only consider urgently.

  35. I\’m Emmanuel Zarwee from Liberia a high school graduate who have the ambition of becoming a medical doctor. But I do not have Money to do my studies. So I am looking for a sponsor to enable me forward my education.

  36. I hope someone will support me to achieve my goal as we all know that education is the key to a better life and community. Thank you for the support God Bless.

  37. thanks a lot I will very great full for the offer.
    Kindly consider me I badly need that assiatance.

    Yours faithfully


  38. Thanku soo much for the offer and I am so glad to accept it.i am looking forward to study MBA.how am I supposed to apply for this

  39. Sir/Madam,
    I\’m a registered nurse RN with HND certificate solicit for your support to do my Bsc in Nursing.
    Thanks Ma/Sir.

  40. Hi sir/madam.
    My name is Siphelele Zembe. I\’d like to apply for the schorelarship. I want to do a course for a flight attendant. But I don\’t have finance to study.it would be a honour to get your help. Thank you

  41. Hi dear sir/miss I am shalom Girma from Ethiopia I got half scholarship in Gordon college I need financial support to study there

  42. Hello.

    I am Loretta Riyak, a hold a Bachelor in Land Studies. I wish to do a Masters of Science Program in Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System here in Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

    I wish to obtain this scholarship if i am eligible for 4 semesters and 2 residential periods before graduating.

    Please advise me

    Interested Applicant

  43. l\’m Carine,burundian ,future holder of bachelor diploma in civil engineering (in 2 months) .I would like to apply for this scholarship.

    hope to hear from you soon.


  44. I will be very happy if granted the scholarship to study computer science. Am very much determined to study abroad. Thanks

  45. I’m really looking for scholarship to study Masters in the field of Midwifery or Child health but i have problem to pay fees

  46. My name is Ariful islam, from Bangladesh
    , I\\’m really looking for scholarship to study Bachelor in the field of law or english language to further my study abroad , I used to be art Student but I quit because of life circumstances.
    Now I study English, I\\’m in upper intermediate ..,
    Please help I will be very grateful

  47. My name is Firas Mohamed, from Sudan, I\’m really looking for scholarship to study Bachelor in the field of Business Management to further my study abroad , I used to be Commerce Student but I quit because of life circumstances.
    Now I study English, I\’m in upper intermediate ..,
    Please help I will be very grateful

  48. Sir our foundation and minestry is working in Pakistan for the poor children so we need a medical free dispansory a hostal church school


  50. I will be very happy if granted the scholarship to study and live in London in business law or business administration.

  51. please am interested in it. i am willing to pursue a masters degree in mechanical engineering. i would be glad if my request is granted.

  52. I am a fresh graduate student with ASc in Environmental science ,but due to some financial problems I need your scholarship to forward my study and also to get a professional experience in my Field of study.

  53. i am fresh graduate student of BBA and i wanna study more but due to some money issues i can\’t that \’s why i need this scholarship to continue my study ! i hope for the positive response back from you to help me to achieve my dreams.

  54. I thank the team for wonderful work they have done for granted us this opportunity of scholarship
    Thanks in advance
    Daniel Okoth Otieno

  55. I wish to thank you and pray that I will be one of the beneficiaries of the bursaries as I climb the corridors of success thank you


  57. Am wish i get such an opportunity,I will be in a greater position to exploit my thoughts to the whole world and not just to my country

  58. pls i am ineed of scholarship pls for my final year study…..my project nd the rest……here is my number 08067729361 thank you.

  59. I need a scholarship because of the interest i have in studying.

    I only dependent on my parents of which they are not working.

    I love studying and I am willing to go for further studies since I am capable and willing to get more qualification.

  60. Am also interested in your scholarship.I come from Uganda,I will be happy if given the sponsorship for post graduate diploma in project management in the field of business

  61. I need scholarship to study in at college I was accepted to study due to the lack of money I was not able to study please help I need a scholarship which will help me am in Swaziland am living with one parent who is not working.

  62. Goodday my names are mirriam mwampokota . am a nurse in africa and i want to do an online course in dematology nursing. where am working we dont have a dematology doctor. i feel if i have this skill ill be able to help alot of patients and treat them. most of them go home not receiving proper treatment. am asking for any scholarship to enable me do this course

  63. I am farooq muhammad from pakistan I need this scholarship hardly because i have many financial problem and i want to study further in abroad plz provide me this scholarships i am university student undergraduate i studying BS English i have 1st semester now i will be vry thnkful for this of act of kindness

  64. I am hira shah from pakistan I need this scholarship hardly because i uave too much financial problem and i want to study further in abroad plz provide me this scholarships i am university student undergraduate i studying BS microbiology i have 4th semester now i will be vry thnkful for this..

  65. Hello im Bonwell Matemera from Zimbabwe. I should have graduated but due to financial constraints the effort was in vain. i will be very glad if this opportunity granted to me. im very interested in this scholarship. Reply me please please. your consideration is highly appreciated

  66. Hello iam Noman from pakistan i need scholarship for further education now iam undergraduate iam really interested for this scholarship please rply me..thanks

  67. I am an undergraduate, should have graduated but due to the fact there is instability in my country dat had caused schools to stop. This an opportunity I HV always longed for , because I have struggled all this years sponsoring myself, its not really I I will be very grateful if this scheme is granted to me.

  68. I am Debastin from Cameroon, am a final year student in high school in the science department, and l wish to get a scholarship to further my education in my field of studies A.I (Artificial Intelligence).

  69. I am really interested in getting this scholarship. I am Senegal and I would like to further my education and get more degrees.

  70. I m ihtesham from pakistan.i m recently enrolled in university in department of computer science .I need scholarship to complete our education and taking admission in M.S

  71. Am Fred Okwakol from Uganda, an undergraduate with bachelors of economics and statistics having dreams for the above scholarship.
    Thank you.

  72. Am Daniel Lincoln from Liberia, I really in need of this scholarship to continued my education because my parents don\’t have the financial hand to pay my collage fees.

  73. I am Sanele From Swaziland, currently a student of UNISWA enrolling my first year. Pursuing Law Degree course. I have been facing challenges due to lack of money to finance my studies ,right now I go to class without books,. I despearatly need this schorlaship it would change my whole life. I\’m willing to continue with my studies once you grant me the shcorlaship.Thank you in advance

  74. lam prepared to start anytime provided the financial assistance is available. i will be very happy. This would fulfill my long term ambitions.

  75. Am undergraduate student In one of the Kenyan university being in the first year of my studies I encounter a lot of challenges in terms of money because I am from a poor family, I kindly request that you help me sponsor my studies, thank you

  76. Please assist me with a scholarship. I have this hunger of continuing with my honours level in the University of KwaZulu- Natal but I cannot due to financial reasons, please save me. Thank you

  77. I hope this message finds you well. I am a student in University of Kwa-Zulu Natal . I am currently doing my third year and I would like to do my honours next year 2018 but I lack financially. I would really appreciate it if I were to get a chance to finish my studies please help me. Thank you

  78. Plss help me as my father work but the salry is 800$ only im in lebanon its not enough even our food every day and the rent of house is 600$plss give this opportunity so plsss i can endrol and finished my last year year in high school and help my father for our life help me

  79. I would be very grateful if am selected in this life changing scholarship award this would go a long way to help me in my career for the betterment of my self, family, community, country and the world at large

  80. I will so much appreciate it if I am given a scholarship award for a Ph.D in English. I have tried my best to undergo the programme at the University of Ibaadan. But I could not continue because I don\’t have the means. Thanks

  81. My name is LEYA BINTI CORNEILLE a female student in the Business, Peace,Leadership and Governance at African university.
    I am 20 year old Congolese by nationality. I am here by applying for financial aid through this letter due to the financial condition and the health condition that my father passing through he had to pay for my school fees from my first year before he fall sick on the 05-July-2016 up to now is not in good health condition and all the money that he had he spend it to the hospital for him to get better up to now he still on medical watch,due to this problem my brothers and sisters back home had droped school due to the problem that they are passing through.I am the only one lelf who can study in the family and help them after, only with the help of a financial aid that will make my dreams becoming through. Your consideration of this letter will make my dream becoming truth and change my life.
    Your faithful.

  82. It\’s an opportunity I really want to get this opportunity please select me in this scholarship because I don\’t have chance anywhere ,you bless me with the scholarship God will bless you with more blessing thanks hoping to hear from you soon.

  83. Assalam o aalaikum!

    I need this money for continue my study . Please give me money . I need money.please help me. God blesses with you

  84. I need this scholarship. Because I want to study. I\’m a refugee in Sri Lanka.I don\’t any resources of study. I have seven siblings and I\’m the oldest one.I\’m 20 years old. UNHCR provide the studies to those children\’s who are are below to 18.I need at the moment coz it\’s the age of my study. A student who have a lot interesting to get education but due to financial problem she/he can\’t study.So u must have to provide to those who is not able to afford anything.
    Please look up my application and think it deeply ,who want to choose to b a refugee??
    I\’m a pakistani and now in refugee status in Sri Lanka.
    Please help me in this regard.
    I\’m very grateful of u.

  85. Please l need a scholarship to continue my study. I am from Afghanistan. Plz tell me what is the requirements to get scholarship.

  86. Good day
    Can you please help me with scholarship for study at university a round south africa year 2019 now am doing grade11 .My parent are not working ,so i need that scholarship to study 2019 .

  87. Hi can you please help me with a scholaship for next year i am doing grade 12 ,I want to continue with my study to go and do mechanical engineering

  88. I am under graduate, please sponsor me. My parents are unable to do so because of poverty. I just gained admission into the university to read Nursing.

  89. please i need a scholarship to study degree in public health any organisation and individual who can assist me to fulfil this dream will not be taken for granted.

  90. Good evening sir ma\’am please be Attention to help me to get the scholarship .. because by next year I\’m coming grade 12 so my parents are no support financial… because that why I really need scholarship.

  91. am a holder of the Advanced level certificate since 2014 and due to the financial challenge I have not being able to further my education but I really want to continue please help me with this Scholarship.

  92. Iam sifas putllam Erukkalam beddy m.m.v school lam 20 years old from liberia please help me. With rhis scholaship my parents dont have the financial aid.

  93. Hi I am doing my grade 12, my dream is to continue with my studies next year so please help me I need a financial support to complete my studies please give me your hand by helping…. Thank you…..

  94. Pls,i need a financial support to complete my degree program in the university. My parents refused to sponsor me.pls I really need a financial support.

  95. Pls how do I access this scholarship? I already have an online admission to study MSc. in public health. Plssssssssssssss

  96. Hi I am doing Grade12,my dream is to continue with my studies next year,I want to become a transport economics, but the problem is I don\’t have money to continue with my studies, so I will be very happy if you can if you can give me a scholarship.I will like to study at university not online.

  97. I want to do the study not online but to be given the opportunity to travel to the college and study there instead of online.The major reason is I can\’t afford the connection fee all the time so the day I am not online I can miss teachings.Please !!! thanks in advance

  98. my name is odah koffi Laïssi I\’m a student at university of togo. I need the scholarship to study a master in usa in option : history of the international relation. please help me . my number is +22890417456

  99. I am a graduate of sociology seeking to get a scholarship to pursue my master program. I will be glad if you people can help with this.
    Thanks in anticipation
    Best regards.

  100. I would like to draw your attention in order to request you scholarship to enable me Attending heavy machinery training at nirvana academy based in South Africa

  101. I need this I wanna further my studies .I have no other option but studying further in life not just to have a matric certificate but to have my tertiary and get a good job of my dream.

  102. Hi I finished my matric last year and i am willing to do BEd,luckly i have even recieved an offer from DUT.I need a schoolarship

  103. Good day, I need a scholarship for my PhD program in environmental or analytical chemistry. I\’m an MSc holder in industrial chemistry. Thanks.

  104. I must go to the university at all cost. I\’m financially weak and I need help to further my education. I\’m a science student of grade 14. Please help me

  105. Hi, I\’m a primary teacher in Myanmar(Burma).
    I\’m very interested in scholarship.I would like to attend for the master degree. I\’m very glad to hear from you soon.

  106. I really love this web and wish I should be sponsored to pursue my MPhil in Agriculture. My first degree for now is BSC. Agriculture Technology ( Agronomy option). I would gratefully appreciate if fully sponsored for Agric program.


  108. HEY,I am NancyE.Tamba a high school graduate i am 21 years old from Liberia.Please help me with rhis scholarship my parents dont have the fininacial aid.

  109. I am nobody\’s favorite, but God loves me.I\’ve always dreamed to study in Oxford from primary 5.reason I want to study abroad is to be extremely rich and help people.that\’s my dream,that I love doing

  110. I am hardly seeking for a scholarship/ sponsorship from any prestigious institution for my further education and to establish my honest desire. I know that self-help is the best help. I want to do something good for the world and stand against poverty, drug addiction, terrorism, corruption, environment pollution to build up a better world for a better living. If anyone helps me to survive in global competition and cooperate with my ambition it will be unique and convenient to all of us as I am committed to delivering my best deeds to the people around me. So welcome and waiting for any financial aids and backings. Thank you.
    -Shoaib Ahmed
    E-mail: shoaibcentre123@gmail.com

  111. my name is Eno John williams. i am a seamstress and want to further my education but i need your help and will be grateful if u give me a scholarship. thanks

  112. I hold the Honours degree in education management and I wish to further my studies by registering for the Masters degree in Education management.
    If I can get the scholarship support my dreams will come true.

    Thank you.

  113. I av bachelor in business administration and entrepreneurship. Need to further my eduction but am poor,can\’t afford, please help me.
    I really need to study from UK.

    Stephen sichali

  114. My name is Abednego Harris. I have a Bsc in Secondary Education (math and management). I am actually in dying need of master scholarship because I am from a very poor family who can\’t even afford eating every day. I am the first person in my family to graduate with a Bsc. Pease help me with this opportunity by providing me with a scholarship.

  115. My name s jane am in kenya need to go back to school. I hv a diploma in HR and manangment. Kindly i would like to do degree in HR and manangment.the problem s i dont have the cash to study.

  116. Hi,
    Im Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands,
    Please help me do my Diploma cource(Australia)
    A mother of 3 and looking after my widow mother and ophan brothers and sisters as well.
    Handicapped extending my studies, Need Finanacial help,
    would be grateful if I receive any help from yous,
    Even if you sponcer me to do Diploma Human resources in Solomon Islands University will be a great help to me.

    Kind regards,

    Claudia Harry

  117. Yes please I really need this scholarship because I\’m home duty house wife.and my husband is not working at the moment.I have 4 children I\’m poor and really need this just to change the way we live.most important is further my study from where I left for past year since no one to suport me in financial need.


  118. I need this scholarship plz .. I\’m very poor.. I can\’t afford these expense for my study..plz give me this opportunity

  119. Thanks for the awareness and information, but I will wish am given the opportunity………, for the betterment of the human society as far as science is concerned:

  120. waoh, i\’m amazed!!!!!!!!!!!! you know, when you really need something and someone proposes it for free, you\’ve just got to be greatful and thank God too. i\’ll be supper happy if i\’m granted the scholarship. God Bless you abundantly

  121. Sir now i hv to apply in a university of punjab in pakistan for bs.physics tell me about some scalorship for which i can apply

  122. greetings I have L4 civil engineering so I would be happy if u help me get an internship or learnership that will help to further my studies and have some exprience

  123. I\’m very ambitious to get educated. My concern is that,I don\’t have money to further my studies. I beg assistance.

  124. Helloo!!!I would like to study insurance,In Austria if I got a chance to support, i am ahard worker u will do my best. .thank you ..

  125. i have a great wish to learn MA on your university but i do not know how to make my dream to real please i needs your great help and pirimarily w i want to thunks for your help i want to learn in califorina university

  126. Dear Sir/ Madam
    Thank you very much for this information regarding scholarship program. I am Myanmar. Now I\’m studying in the Philippines. My degree is Master of Science. My course is Family Resource Management. I worked in Community Health And Development (CHAD) that is a faith -based organization or civil society organization (CSOs). CHAD worked for the marginalize and isolated people in the remote areas and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) which in Government Controlled Areas and Kachin Independence Organization Controlled areas. I got to study in the Philippines only 1 year a scholarship that CHAD has provided for my scholarship is very limited since CHAD is one of the CSOs. Upon finishing my studies, I will be coming back to CHAD.Therefore, I want to continue to finish my education. I kindly ask your kindness to support my study in the Philippines. I can provide CHAD\’s recommendation letter at any time needed. And I would like to know if your scholarships are also offered to someone who has been studying in the current country. I hope I have the opportunity to finish my study.

  127. I really thank you for offering people with such golden chance,humbly may I be one of those people who will benefit.

  128. my name is TUNDE ,a civil engineering student. please I need your help to further more my education and opportunities

  129. May be this could resurrect some hope in me.I do want to study but the hindrance of money has left me unable to achieve my dreams.please consider me too.

  130. Having a scholarship..could be an amazing thing in someone\’s life…..really…you when you send scholarships we don\’t see applicatiins..and nothing guarrantees that we have it….

  131. i have been selected to pursue a masters degree in community nursing under university of Malawi in my home country and would like to know if your scholarships are also offered to someone who wants to study in ones country of choice.

  132. Wow I want it. When will it start. And please guys I need help in education, I mean support…fee for my scholarship, they are requesting $4000 from me… Please I want to study abroad. Scholarship for mechanical engineering. I have their form but I didn\’t fill it because I have no cash in my hands. And for your program I want to refresh me always.

  133. Hello !
    My name is Samuel Lalisa, age24, Deaf Ethiopian and communicate in sign language. I attended my primary education in the country\’s first residential school for the Deaf at Hosanna. I also attended my high school in my home town, Nekement . Although my high school education was without a sign language interpreter, I could succeed in getting a college entrance examination by getting 000 out of 500. I jointed Addis Ababa University to study Civil Engineering, a rare area of study where many Deaf chose dare to attend. With no sign language interpretation service, I am now 3rd year.

    I strive to continue my study with accessible education and satisfy my educational need. I want to continue my education in English language institute field abroad however I have very little money to sponsor my education.

    I kindly ask your kindness to support my study at Gallaudet university. I can provide copies of my educational credentials at anytime needed.


  134. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thank you very much for this information regarding the scholarship.
    I just want to move on my career with another level. My career objectives is want to be a successful woman and independent woman.
    Also I want to support to my parents of my whole life! So, I really need the scholarship for my dreams to come true .
    I think this is one of the platform for me by improving to my careers and goals. So, I really need the scholarship for my goals. Please tell me more about it and procedures.

    Thank you !

  135. I want to study in UMT in pakistan plz help me my parents can\’t pay my fee i have fanancial issue to to which can\’t continue my study. Kindly help me for my bright future

  136. my name is yakub dahir from kano state nigeria sir iam a poor idont have the money that i take care of my education because my father have died since i am young

  137. I always get scholarship updates but I don\’t get the step how to apply.please send me more details.I am starving to learn so please show me the way.
    Thank You

  138. With that I can complete my undergraduate studies and after service set up a small business that can grow to employ others

  139. i m very help less because off money .if i get scholarship will get the best Education in all world .
    i m requesting to give me the scholarship for my education.thAnks

  140. What is the condition of this scholarship? And is this for us who wanted to continue? Sad life we cannot afford to pursue our dreams due to financial problem. Hope for the feedback from you. Is this free the offer . Or did u offer for free.kindly response back.

  141. I have go through whatever written,but how can I helped interms of financially to go on my education, so do you offer some bursaries? If it is like that what are the conditions of those bursaries? I was doing certificate in financial accounting and failed to complete due to financial crisis.

  142. Hi my name is nombulelo and I would like to be help through scholarship and bursary I really want to finish school and I have been searching for months now am serious about going to school and if ever I could get that chance I would grab it with my own two hands and am desperate of wanting to go to school please help me please

  143. I have completed Masters with 50% marks and want to complete MPhil ,can I please get support in my country.

  144. Iam studying with Atlantic international university, seeking for Scholarship please help so that I can finish my studies

  145. Thank you for your offer,I really need this offer to study MBBS in China,please help me to get the offer

  146. I really want to see myself studying to be a professional nurse to help who sick in the rest of the warld and to promote higher care for all

  147. I really need scholarship to do nersing I am 27years old I dropped out of school because I had no one to support me with everything I needed for​ school

  148. Hi! There good evening I\’m Nshimyumuremyi Aboubakar from Rwanda I\’m interesting to this scholarship can you help me to get that scholarship please assist me

  149. I really long to advance in my studies yet financially unstable, consideration will be of great help to me. Thank you

  150. Thank .Am Najma Menyo From Kenya East Africa . I would be happy to have a scholarship and be able to further my studies Thank you

  151. Please I am a university students 300level going to final year and I lost my dad please I need to pay my school fee which I don\’t have please I need 1000$ somebody should help me out our closing date is ending of dis month please he me. Dis is my number +2348102964246

  152. Im a male Zambian medical doctor with an MBChB who is interested in studying for masters in nuclear medicine at any university in the UK. Please help
    Thank you

  153. Hi..am a Kenyan girl and did my high school in 2015 but still at home because I lack fees..I would like to further my studies and I thank God av found you will make my dreams come true..thankyyou please help me I beg of you

  154. Thanks​ for the great chance u offer to those who can\’t manager their education finances I pray that I get the chance too thanks

  155. I have tried my best to apply this scholarship but I don\’t get any response.So I don\’t know what to do next.

  156. I really wish I could pursue my degree in financial accounting since I already have a technician diploma in financial accounting but financies are the limiting factor to achieve my goal of becoming a holder of degree my friend got a help from this please help me too I really appreciate

  157. Thanks for the good work you are doing. My question is,I have primary children who needs help ,is there any chance?.

  158. Am Muhumuza Oraije Davis from Uganda, i graduated this year, in public administration and political science, I want a scholarship in my masters in political science, I will be honored if helped

  159. Pls I will be happy if I have to opportunity to study abroad by scholarship so as to achieve my dreams

  160. Dear sir /Madame,
    My name is Boufin Megane. I leave in Africa precisely Cameroon. It will be a great pleasure and satisfaction to be a member of you\’re school. I am 18years old and has just graduated from high school and will like to study online under a scholarship. I wish to know the requirements to do.

  161. Iam doing security studies
    At Mzuzu university
    I\’m in level one.
    Looking forward to your help.

  162. Please offer me a scholarship to abroad am a new High school graduate,am from Ghana.i hope my request will be granted thank you.

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  166. Please,I need this scholarship to study medicine in China.I hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou

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  168. Iam very much happy for the support that is
    given to people and I always have hopes that
    one the fine days coming, I will also get my
    Bursary. It\\’s to my prayer that God Will
    continue being with them for more support to
    and also I interesting learning MSc in physics

  169. I want a full scholarship. I am out of high school an want to earn a degree but my parent do not have money to suport me, that is the reason I need this scholarship.

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  171. It is good opportunity I too interested to join .but how I register in your university ?
    I haven\’t money how I will come in to your university ? If all things fulfill I am too interested

  172. I want a full scholarship I\’m lost both my parents and I finished high school last year I need your assistance please

  173. Hello Sir i have an admission in american university.
    I need support for study english for 4 week in july next.

  174. Please how can I apply for since now, am about writing my senior secondary certificate examinations I need reply please. Am much interested in this programme but we need help on how easier to apply

  175. Thank you for the information, i would like to get an off line sponsorship to support my studies at one of the universities in my home country. I appreciate for whatever help you may grant me.

  176. Am a well discipline and visionary Zambian. Am not financially stable and looking for a scholarship or student loan to study abroad or online in iT any help rendered will be highly appreciated.

  177. I am happy for received requesly me.
    I find:—
    1) I wish to learn MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering not BSc.
    2) I wish to learn in class room or face to face not online program.
    If you possible,I will accept your idea.
    So that attache me what you says.

  178. Hello,thankyou for the service and offer you give.I\’m here all about a scholarship being given to students and here I\’m aged 19 years
    I would like to be given a scholarship in that to fullfill my dreams while I\’ve not gone far the journey of my life.
    I will be happy if my request is put in to your considerationconsideration

  179. I want to study at Solusi University in Zimbabwe ,please help.l am 36 years.

    I want to study Bachelor of Science in Agri Business which is a 4 year program.



  180. Am a Ghanaian citizen, how do I apply for this scholarship? Please, response and guidance will be of great benefit to me.

  181. I completed my secondary education last year and scored an A-.I would like to study architecture in one of the ivy league universities.Hope you will grant me a scholarship

  182. I completed my secondary education and scored an A- .I would wish to study architecture in one of the ivy league universities and the only hindrance is finance . Hope you will grant me a scholarship.

  183. I will really love if this scholarship can be. Apply to me I will be. Very greatful. I have always live to study out of my country.

  184. i umar farooq from pakistan. i have complate my BS (16 years of education) in MATHEMATICS. Now i am trying to get aSCHOLORSHIP for my HIGHER EDUCATION (MS/ Mphil). please guide me.

  185. Hello thanks for offering this great opportunity to students ,,,,,,,,,I want to study bachelor degree in agriculture and land development online how can I do it

  186. I am fanacially depress and I need help.
    Here is my contact +231770983883, I am a Liberian from the west coast of Africa

  187. I really like this scholarship but I am fanacially depress and I need help.
    Here is my contact +231770983883, I am a Liberian from the west coast of Africa

  188. I am African I want to study but I don\’t have money that\’s why who can give me a scholarship programe USA OR CANADA

  189. I am a Nurse Anaesthetist and I want to further my education so, I need a full time scholarship to study abroad.

  190. How do I get the scholarship am a Ugandan medical student dealing with laboratory practices and research.thanks for the opportunity.

  191. I need your scholarship to sponsor my education in phd finance online which I already have the admission.

  192. I am studying in Kenya I would like to get your busuries and scholarship fees is a big challenge a have ,how do I get them?

  193. Dear sir,
    I Will like to receive the requirements to qualify me for this scholarship
    Thanks for your support

  194. I will be much grateful if am given the scholarship to study, acquire more knowledge to help my Country Ghana , Africa and the World as a whole.
    Hope I will be considered. Thanks

  195. Thank a lot for your support.I would like to get that scholarchip for following my studies because i don\’t have financials means.Please help me!

  196. Am a nurse and I want to lecture in future. What program are available for me in this scholarship package?

  197. Hello i need some funds to finish up my Masters in Public Health.Am in final year and really stuck, no tution since my contract ended; Am not working.
    Thank you

  198. This is very good opportunity for children\’s who needs support financially and will help the country grow as poverty will decrease. I\’m gland to be part of the members who might get the opportunity to learn

  199. Hi,
    Thanks very must for the offer so far and i am hardly interested with in the program as well. I develop interest because it will strengthen my academy sojourn in this modern era.Most importantly,please don\’t hesitate to inform me with more happening as relate to the program.


  200. I am very interested in the opportunity provided. May i please know the universities and programs that are available for us

  201. I strongly need your assistance to be considered in this scholarship. I desperately in need of scholarship to upgrade my education.

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  203. I find opportunities like these are very rare especially in our country,the Philippines. How do we Filipinos get to have a chance too that other countries have the luckiest streak to join too?Are there bursaries coming form other countries that we can also vie or apply for.Please do inform me and I would like to share it to my fellow Filipinos.It sure will be a God-sent.
    My email is at venihora2004@yahoo.com
    Thanks and much awaiting any info on this.

  204. how can i apply for inorder to get a scholarship,because other people from home they need me to proceed my education,unfornutery we are poor and we can not manage to pay fees for me to learn.am 19 ages and my mother is 43 ages so i just want to inform you that ineed ascholaraship maybe i can continue my schooling.finally your good response will be very benefit to me with my family thanks.

  205. The student of other countries can apply for it and if apply what\’s the procedure.reply me please on my email ID.

  206. Thanks education scholarship but i need more details on where to write the essay.How do i get started? I would also like to study in Australia but i don\’t know where to start the applications please i need your help Thank you.

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  212. I really want to finish my tertiary but my parents, cannot afford my financial needs,, pleas help us to achieve our dream, for the good future.

  213. Let me know when there is an opportunity to apply for scholarship for non U.S. resident . Thanking you and also my field of study is English so if anything concerning English comes up please let me know .

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  217. hello,am Godwin from Cameroon and a holder of a bachelors Degree in Common Law ,please how can i get a scholarship for masters studies.thanks

  218. I m Pakistani due to financial issue I cannot effort my fee plz help by scholarship process r give me chance for job give me as internship.

  219. I\’m a Kenyan,,second from a family if three,by a single mother,,and I\’m the first to go to college,, I finished my high school and I would be so happy and lucky if I got the scholarship to begin my collage life which has been such a dream and wish for a long time due to lack of funds

  220. Sir/Madam, all i wanted to do on this earth is learning I.T in one of the reputable schools but due to financial difficulties i completed Junior High and still being at home. so please if you can help me through some kind of students loan or scholarship i will be grateful.
    Thank you.