$1,449 Online Scholarship in Berkley College of Music

The Berklee College of music which was founded by Lawrence Berk, is one the top notch music college around the world. Its innovative and groundbreaking practice of modern day contemporary music, facilitates students majoring for a degree in music, attain the very best from more than a dozen genres and fields of study in music. Plus, the Berklee College of music has produced the very best in the music industry and boasts of alumni who have won collectively, more than 300 Grammy awards. Furthermore, the Berklee college of music offers a highly recommended online bachelor degree program which is affordable and comes with a variety of flexible packages.


  • Financial Aid available
  • Part-time and full-time study
  • Receive an admissions decisions within two weeks
  • 64% less than campus tuition
  • Transfer credit from other institutions
  • Berklee degree completion opportunities
  • Earn Online bachelor degree

An Overview of degree programs

  • Music business
  • Songwriting
  • Writing and music production
  • Electronic music production and sound design
  • Guitar
  • Interdisciplinary music studies

Admission Requirements

Before applying to study online at the Berklee College of music, it is important to know that the school’s board of admission takes keen consideration into your academic record/professional experience. Prospective students must be having proficiency in speaking and reading of English language. For an online bachelor degree application, Berklee College music also requires applicants to apply online with a non-refund fee of $75.00,paid by credit card as to when the application is been submitted.

Tuition Fee

At the Berklee College of Music, the tuition package for the online degree program comes with a one-time comprehensive fee of $350, and tuition for 120 credits unit is $57,960. Also inclusive is a $75 non-refund application fee.

Degree completion and Credit Transfer

Berklee College of music accepts up to 60 academic credits earned from accredited institution, or earned from Berklee’s Certificate programs as well as individual courses.

For students who left the Berklee College of music prior to completing their online bachelor’s degree, they can now have new opportunities to complete their degree programs via the Berklee online degree program. Now, for students who completed less than 90 credits while at Berklee College of music, they can complete a bachelor degree online and earn transfer of credit for previously completed coursework. Also, for students who completed 90 credits or more while at Berklee, they may be able to complete their Berklee College of music degree via the online directed study, online courses or a combination of both. In conclusion, students must have completed at least 90 credits to attain a Bachelor of music degree, and with at least 60 credit credits having been completed on regular campus.

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