Liberian Scholarship Offer for International Students, 2017

Brief Description:

The rate of high school leavers who can’t afford to continue their education is increasingly alarming. The government of Liberia has taken this into cognizance and has decided to offer scholarship to aid eligible students who are financially incapable of furthering their education, talk more of studying abroad.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Liberia. The Government is offering full tuition scholarship for eligible high school graduates, both nationals of Liberia and all international students are qualified to apply for this scholarship award. The course of study is not restricted to any. All courses offered by the institution are eligible to be offered under the scholarship. Below are further details on this scholarship award.

Application Deadline: The application for this scholarship closes on June 2nd 2017.

Eligible Course of study: The scholarship covers all subjects offered by the institution including educational courses. For those who wish to advance their career in teaching, you can happily apply for this scholarship as this includes courses that relate to teaching and education.

Applicant’s Eligibility: To be considered eligible for this scholarship, interested applicants must meet the Scholarship’s academic requirement as this scholarship will be awarded base on academic achievements not otherwise.

Eligible applicants: All students from international countries are qualified to apply for this scholarship. No country is restricted from this scholarship. Women and people who are disabled are also eligible to apply for this scholarship. In fact, they are highly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: To apply for this scholarship, you have to go to the country’s office of the Ministry of Education to pick up the form, fill it and submit it at their office of Education in Liberia. This may require interested students to travel as the form is not readily available online.

Though the government is working on making the form available online for far distance applicants, but for the time being, the form must be picked, filled and submitted only at the office of the Ministry of Education, Liberia. You might want to visit their website for more information and also get their help desk line for any further enquiries you might want to make concerning the scholarship. Cheers!

Scholarship Website:

Kindly visit this link for more information on how to apply, and also get their support lines for further enquiries on how to go about getting this scholarship


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