The Snowdon Scholarship Program, a New Opportunity for Disabled People

You have always perceived your disability as a roadblock but today, The Snowdown Scholarship Program shows you how easily roadblocks can be turned into opportunities. The program aims to offer a small number of extremely talented disabled people THE OPPORTINITY to reach their true potential. Snowdon Trust provides grants to physically disabled and sensory impaired students who are learning in the UK. Its grants cover the additional costs which students incur as a consequence of their disability. Annually are awarded 100 grants, ranging from £250 to £3,000.

If you are one among the successful candidates, Snowdown will offer you financial support to help you excel in a Master’s degree course that will certainly change your future. Now, let’s see if you fit the profile of a Snowdown ideal candidate. Each candidate will have to bring a new flavor to Snowdon scholarship program and have to demonstrate their passion for their subject, make proof of outstanding talent and originality in their chosen field, have a strong desire to help improve the lives of others and become a potential leader in their field.

The scholarship covers a generous maintenance allowance towards their living costs while they are studying. The Snowdon Scholarship program collaborates with 6 Universities for Master’s student courses starting in the 2018/2019 academic year. The Universities are:

The first two scholarships were awarded this year and awardees started their studies in October. The scholarship program is expanded and there will be opportunities which should not be missed at one of the universities mentioned above. If what you have read so far is good news, we invite you to apply for a scholarship. IMPORTANT NOTE! You need to apply by accessing the official website of one of the universities from above selecting a Master’s program course you intent to enroll in. Only then you will be able to submit your application for the Snowdon Scholarship program.

As intense as it may be the admission process, do not forget to have fun and accumulate knowledge. You are competing for places at some of the best universities in the UK and this should motivate you double. Good luck and make the most out of this experience!

  1. hi am thomas mwasakyeni.what about special teachers scholarships we need scholarships for further studies to help dis abled students if possible.am specialized to students with hearing impairment

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