American University’s Sponsorship Covers Tuition Fees, Room&Board for Bachelor Students

When you are past college going age, but you still want to pursue higher education, online education represents the easy solution. It’s simple today for basically anyone to enroll with online degree programs. All you need to do is search for an accredited online university, find the right subject you want to study and start doing the work. Online degree programs range from bachelor programs to Master’s – and you can study for them without having to leave the comfort of your house.

That’s the biggest advantage of being an online university student. However, if online education isn’t for you, you can pursue a different path – apply for one of the many college scholarships and go study abroad. Online education might be the right choice for single parents or people with jobs who have to support other family members, but if you aren’t burdened by such responsibilities you could try and apply for a grant and spend your college years abroad. With an online university degree, you can’t do that – not at the moment anyway. So if you have looked over the many online degree programs and decided you’d rather go for a traditional program instead, here’s one of the college scholarships that you should be looking into.

The American University is inviting students to apply for Emerging Global Leader Scholarships. The grant is open for international students who want to pursue an undergraduate program. However, like it’s the case with bursaries such as these, there are a few criteria points you need to take into consideration.

But first the benefits! The American University will cover all billable expenses including full tuition, room and board for one international student who will needs a visa in order to study in the United States. However, take into consideration that the scholarship does not cover expenses such as health insurance, books, airline tickets and other expenses.

Now the eligibility criteria – international students who have overcome various obstacles and challenges as well as those from diverse and underrepresented global and socio-economic backgrounds (African students included) are invited to apply for the Emerging Global Leader Scholarships. Applicants need to demonstrate a commitment to leadership, volunteerism and community service in their home country.

The American University also asks of applying students to have a minimum 3.8 GPA equivalent (or in the top 10% of graduating class) for 9th to 12th grades. Last but not least, students need to have a 95 TOEFL iBT, 7.0 IELTS or 600 paper-based TOEFL certificate.

Interested parties have until December 15 to apply. Your application package should consist of the completed application form, academic records with official transcripts, two academic letters of recommendation and a CV or resume.

As great as online degree programs might be, studying abroad will surely leave you with many great life experiences. That’s why it’s worth looking into the scholarship offered by the American University. There are 247 days remaining to apply, so take your time and decide if you want to spend the next few years in the US.


  1. Hi am a Ugandan at high school currently but would like to acquire a scholarship in USA but I need very close attention to know how ,where and when to apply.

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