Music students can apply for this $5,000 scholarship for college

Art students have a wide range of scholarship opportunities at their disposal

Interested in the arts? The Augustana University has a few scholarships to support your creative efforts

If you spend all your childhood/teen years jamming with your band or practicing the Mozart Concerto no 23 in A major, then you’ve probably considered going to college and studying music.

This is a controversial choice for most young individuals, as might find their parents might not agree with their choice. Most often, parents worry that music won’t translate as a real-life career and their children will be left unable to fend on their own.

But in the modern era, things are a bit more different and a musician has a wider palette of jobs to choose from.

On top of that, studying music doesn’t necessary mean you have to go hands-on with an instrument. For example, you can enroll with a distance learning education degree and study musical history. Such a degree will enable you to become a critic or a reviewer, positions which are in high-demand with entertainment magazines, as well as blogs and websites.

University online degrees are a good choice for those who are passionate about the topic of music and want to learn more about how music is created and the processes behind it.  If you already graduated with a degree and are already working, but music is a passion you can’t just shake off, distance learning education is your answer.

Just search online and see what university online degrees in music-related fields are available and choose the most appropriate for you.

But what about those who someday want to become an artistic or part of an orchestra? Then they will have to enroll with an on-campus degree and get to work. But what if they can’t afford a degree in music?

Well, in that case they need to start looking for scholarships immediately. Are there any funding programs exclusively targeting music majors? Of course there are. Below you’ll find one such opportunity.

It’s called the Augustana College Pro Musica Scholarship Program and is opened for students who excel in the areas of vocal, instrumental and keyboard. In order to apply for this grant, applicants will be required to audition in this area of excellence and be able to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Students must be enrolled in the Augustana University at the time of their application. The audition will consist in the student performing a piece in front of the judging committee. Instrumentalists are required to play one or two selections, while vocalists are invited to sing two selections of contrasting styles. Selections are expected to demonstrate technique and musicality. The time allotted to one selection is between 3 to 6 minutes.

The Augustana University is prepared to offer up to four scholarships which will be renewable for up to the four years of study, as follows:

  • Mozart Award, $5,000/per year ($20,000 in total)
  • Bach Award, $3,000/per year ($12,000 in total)
  • Beethoven Award, $2,000/per year ($8,000 in total)
  • Brahms Award, $1,000/per year ($4,000 in total)

The same university also offers the Pro Dramatis Scholarships for theatre students and the Pro Artist Scholarships for students who demonstrate talent in the visual arts.

You have until February 10, 2018 to apply for any of these three scholarships.


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