Ph.D. Open Positions Supported by INPhNIT “La Caixa” Doctoral Fellowship Program

The Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB), the widest research organization based in Spain which focuses on basic and applied research, is calling for applications. If you have ever dreamed about furthering your education in Spain and become a Ph.D. graduate, know the opportunity of your life has come. Not only will you have the chance to study at an institute which has a broad teaching experience, that which comes after two decades, but you will also be rewarded.

Currently at ICAMB are about 220 people of which 57 scientists as permanent staff. The ongoing mission of the ICMAB is “to generate new knowledge in Materials Science and transfer it to the society, particularly to industry within the European Research Area“. The ICAMB offers various Ph.D. positions supported by INPhINIT “La Caixa” Doctoral Fellowship Program. The program aims to attract international Early-stage Researchers and direct them towards top Spanish research centers in the following areas: Physics, Health Sciences, Bio, Engineering and Mathematics, and Technology.

ICAMB-CSIS is one of the centers selected and has opened during this year 36 open Ph.D. positions under the INPhINIT program. The program is promoted by the “la Caixa” Foundation with the purpose to support outstanding scientific talents. For this task, international students are sought and being offered an attractive and competitive academic environment where they can conduct their research of excellence. If you know that you are born to be a scientist and you have proven experience in this area and you also love Spain, you might want to take a peek at the following Ph.D. open positions here http://icmab.es/open-call-for-the-inphinit-la-caixa-fellowship-programme-opportunities-at-icmab-csic. Select open projects and see the multitude of Ph.D. positions offered at ICMAB.

How can you apply? If you have chosen the Ph.D. program after reading and complying with the established eligibility criteria for that program, you must create an account. Here https://www.becaslacaixa.org/index.aspx you will create your personal account and fill in the on-line “la Caixa” application form to apply for the Ph.D. scholarship. Even if the program is open for all nationalities, it is important that candidates meet the criteria which can be accessed here http://icmab.es/open-call-for-the-inphinit-la-caixa-fellowship-programme-opportunities-at-icmab-csic. Go to eligibility section and you will find a full list of academic criteria based on which the selection will be made.

The end of the application is February 1st 2018 so even if you think you have time to gather all the documents by next year, you will be surprised to find that your time is limited. Good luck!

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    I am Charles Nsengiyumva I have bachelor degree in public health.please help me to find ascholarship.

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