Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program offers a $2,000 scholarship to students

Getting a scholarship has never been easier

Students looking for funding can apply for the $2,000 grant offered by Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program


With the cost of college education online or offline rising faster than inflation, many students rely on scholarships to help fund their on-campus or online classes. But with the student population steadily growing, the competition today is fiercer than ever.

According to experts in the scholarship industry, only one in 10 students pursuing his/her college education online or offline on a full-time basis will be able to win a scholarship. This means, not every student who applies gets a grant, but you can take some steps to improve your chances.

Our first tip is to start your scholarship search as early as possible, beginning with your senior year in high school. By starting early, students can prepare for undergraduate scholarships, as well as submit applications to certain scholarships which are designed for high school seniors – and there are plenty of that.

You shouldn’t stop your quest for monetary aid even as you reach the college campus. Scholarships for paying off your offline or online classes are awarded well into college and even graduate school.

Finding and securing a scholarship is not an easy feature and you’ll need to invest your time and resources if you want to make sure you’ll secure a scholarship. Don’t be scared of doing some work. Scholarships that require extra work, such as submit additional documentation, letters of recommendation and essays might offer a larger amount of money than those who have simpler requirements.

Speaking of essay, a good essay can be a great way to show you personality and skills to your scholarship sponsors. To make a statement, you should write something you are passionate about, even if that means taking a few risks, within reason – of course.

The scholarship application process is a lengthy one and you might get more rejections than wins. Nevertheless, don’t get discouraged, there are many opportunities out there and casting a wider net can do a lot in your favor.

To get you started on your search, here’s a scholarship opportunity you might want to apply to. The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program is open to both international and US students.

In order to apply, you need to be a high school senior or current undergraduate or graduate students. Candidates are required to submit an essay between 1,000 and 1,600 words on a topic of social media. You can read the full essay requirements on the Sleeklens website.

Once you have written your essay, make sure you fill in and submit the application form which your personal information including the school your attending and major.

The scholarship is worth $2,000 and three awards will be handed out each year. The next deadline for the Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program is March 31, 2018 so you have plenty of time to come up with ideas for a great essay. Make sure you have a friend or a family member proofread your writing, to avoid sending an essay riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes.


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