Dentistry Scholarships for Outstanding Future Dental Practitioners

Interested in pursuing a career as a dental practitioner? Do not be afraid to dream big just because you do not have a consolidated financial support because for outstanding students like yourself, universities across the world have a lot of scholarship prizes. We understand that dentistry scholarships are extremely hard to find, however we have gathered all the reputable universities and their offers in one place so that you can find faster what is suitable for you.

1. University of Otago, New Zealand

Have you ever pondered on studying in New Zealand? As a future dental practitioner, the University of Otago has a lot to offer. The scholarship offered by the university for Bachelor’s students in the field of Dental Surgery could be a promising offer for you. The worth of the award is NZ $2000.

2. Universite Laval, Canada

If you have graduated and you wish to further your education and take dentistry to the next level, French-language speaking Universite Laval in Canada awards $7000 per year to each student who enrolls in a Master’s degree. However, in order to be admitted, you must comply with specific requirements: you have to be a foreign student, citizen of an African or European country other than France; you must have graduated from a public university endorsed by the ministry of higher education in your country of origin; you must be registered full-time for the first two semesters in the program you have chosen.

3.  Queen Mary University, London

Queen Mary University offers dentistry scholarships under the name “The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship”. All students who submit their application for The School of Dentistry are automatically considered for the “The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship”. The scholarship is awarded based on the household income and the attainment of at least three “A” grades at A-level. The worth of the award is $5000 for each of the five years of the course.

4. The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

The University Of Kentucky College Of Dentistry provides opportunities to students in years 1 to 4. For all the scholarships available, eligible students are sent an invitation to apply. The University encourages students to locate scholarships from sources outside the university.

The above mentioned scholarships are awarded to outstanding students like yourself. Do not miss your chance to study abroad and dedicate and invest your time in submitting your application for one of them.

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