OpenLearning, For You and Your Students

OpenLearning, an online learning platform, offers a bi-dimensional distance learning experience for you as a teacher and for your students as well allowing knowledge to flow regardless of geographic boundaries. So, if you want to structure and promote your online classes but have no idea how, OpenLearning might come in handy.

At OpenLearning, the idea of undertaking online classes is revolutionized being transformed into social and engaging experience for students. The main purpose of the platform is to aid teachers across the world to build fruitful experiences for students anywhere. How does it work?

OpenLearning uses social media workflow enabling and encouraging commenting and liking. This means that your course will foster a big community of collaborative learners instead of individual learners. The OpenLearning Platform provides built-in galleries, wikis and blog pages meant to encourage collaboration and feedback while maintaining room for individuality. As a teacher you will have all the community of teachers on your side that will provide training courses and ongoing support to ensure you have the tools to create the best experience possible for your students.

Precisely, the platform offers you the possibility to structure your online classes using the tools provided to educators aimed to craft active learning modules. These learning modules are combined with social mechanics and facilitation tools meant to create a highly engaging community experience. The idea of the platform based on which it has been built it is the opposite of the traditional learning where students do not need to value grades and perform for the teachers. Often, in the traditional environment, students are more motivated to score higher grades than gain knowledge from their learning experience. With OpenLearning, students will enjoy a different kind of learning experience when in the end knowledge is what truly matters.

As a teacher you have the possibility to teach a course https://www.openlearning.com/teach by choosing your own subject, creating your own course and publish and watch it grow. As a beginner you will encounter some roadblocks but you do not have to worry about them, the community supports you and your determination to spread knowledge among people. OpenLearning has created a series of courses which will help you unlock the potential to create meaningful learning experiences for your pupils and for the entire world. And the amazing part is that you do not have to pay a dime. It is FREE!

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