Red-flag phrases you should avoid when applying for a scholarship

A vast number of scholarships are provided for students all over the world, whether we take into consideration those offered online or offline. Obtaining a bachelor, master or Ph.D. scholarship is essential for a brighter and an expanded academic future. One of the biggest regrets that most students feel after graduating high school is that they did not apply for enough scholarships. Because entering into higher education without the dependence on the student loan is a big deal. However, securing a scholarship is not as easy as one may think. There are steps that need to be followed precisely and details that should not be ignored.

Hence, we have created a small but comprehensive list of red-flag phrases that YOU SHOULD NOT EVER USE when applying for a scholarship. Make the most out of the experience of applying for a scholarship by paying attention to every word you are writting when you are requesting a scholarship. Remember: no one will take into consideration your application form if you use the following phrases or words:

1. “My names are”. Even though you have several names and a surname, it is important to keep in mind that you will recommend yourself as it follows: ”My name is”.

2. Do not start the greeting sentence from your latter with “Dear”, “What’s up”, “Hellou” (The correct form is Hello, however, do not use it), “To whom it may concern”. It is unprofessional. Instead, you can search throughout the internet the name of the person to whom you are writing to. What most students do not understand is how shockingly important is the first contact with an University/ government/ private sponsor through the scholarship application letter. Because this is the first mean based on which the Principle/ Government/ Private sponsor will meet you! First it is the „written” contact and subsequent the face to face contact. So, in order to exploit the chance of meeting the provider face to face, you need to have an impeccable letter. Here is an example http://www.letters.org/…/scholarship-application-letter.html

3. Do not use in your letter “please”. Not once, not twice, no never. The providers will not enjoy it and certainly they will not be convinced to offer you a scholarship based on your please. Keep your dignity intact no matter how harsh life has been to you.

4. Do not use slangs such as “coz”, “thnx” etc.. Use instead because, thank you etc.. After all, you are requiring a scholarship and not talking to a good friend of yours.

5. Do not write that you need a scholarship without further introduction.

6. Keep yourself informed. You may not be eligible for one type of scholarship, however, you might be eligible for another type. That is why we have created educationalscholarships.net. You will find diversified info about scholarships and even links that will lead you toward the application forms.

7. Do not be rude: “Am I wasting my time asking you for a scholarship?” This is a frequent question we have been asked.

We will continue this list. Until then, please read it and memorize it. It will help you!

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