IMPORTANT THINGS you need to take in consideration before applying for a scholarship. Part One.

In the previous two articles, we have given you some insights into planning the process of finding both the university and scholarship based on your requests. Today, we need you to focus on some very important aspects that you should take in consideration before submitting your scholarship application. Please pay attention because at some point, you will need to answer the following questions accordingly.

1. Who can help me find more info about a particular scholarship?

We have previously discussed this matter but is worth recalling. You can contact our blog https://educationalscholarships.net/ and read the articles we are constantly posting for you. At the end of each article which describes a particular scholarship is a link. Click on that link. You will be directed toward the scholarship page where you will be able to find the name of the provider (who is the institution that offers the scholarship), the deadline that you should strictly take into consideration while applying, and the eligibility criteria.

2. Do I apply for a scholarship individually or through a representative from my school?

Many of you to whom I talked did not even know that some schools have a representative who is in charge of guiding students towards scholarships. Before searching throughout the internet, feel free to talk to one of your school’s administrator. A face to face discussion will reveal some aspects that internet cannot.

3. How much effort should I put into the scholarship essay?

The scholarship essay is extremely important in securing a scholarship. For some universities, it is part of the selection process. Even if you will find your first essays to be unprofessional, after several tries the final result will satisfy you. During the process of writing, pay attention to your grammar and spelling. Throughout the internet, you will find a free english spell checker that will help you improve the quality of your writing.

4. Is there a limit to the number of scholarships I can apply for?

Feel free to apply to as many scholarships you wish. The more, the merier. Even if a particular university did not accept your application you have more to go.

5. Do I need to write an essay for each scholarship?

No, it is not necessay and it varies from one university to another. It is up to you to read the eligibility criteria and to provide all the requested documents.

6. It is important to respect the deadline?

It is highly important to respect the deadline or else your application will not be taken in consideration. The deadline is the time limit of an assignment. You ought to respect it. If the scholarship administrator has mentioned, for example, 1 st of January as the time limit for submitting the applications, then you should respect it.

Please read all of the above carefully because you will apply for a scholarship/ scholarships and being informed makes a difference that can help you achieve the scholarship you have been dreaming of.

  1. I want a 100% scholarship from a recognised university in Nigeria where I can apply for DEGREE in computer science.

  2. I want a 100% scholarship from a recognised university in united kingdom , Canada or united State of American. to do Master of Social science. MSC. Economics or political science

    I hold Master of Business administration in Financial management Technology, (MBA-FMT),bachelor of science in Accounting, (Bsc. ed Accounting);a professional member, Association on National accountants of Nigeria. (ANAN).

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