Top 5 Online Tuition-Free Colleges

We may wonder if there are any online tuition-free colleges, though, relatively few, they ARE available. But you just need to know the right place to search for them. Below, is a list of top 5 online degree awarding plus tuition free colleges. Although not ranked in any particular order as they are explicit to diverse needs of the students, for example, one of the online college may cater to the musically-gifted, while another is designed for engineering purposes and just yet, another is for those in search of knowledge in the religious field. But one basic thing they all do have in common is offering of free (or almost free)tuition to all prospective students that will meet some specific requirements to each online school. You may ask why it’s free. Well, tuition fees are made free in these colleges due to available donations and the desires of the founders, themselves. It truly goes a long way to show that if you work hard in high school, a better opportunity awaits you in life. Here is a brief review of these online tuition free colleges below:

The university of people, is located in California, US. The UOP provides free online tuition to hundreds of students around the globe. Known as the first University in the world to offer an online, tuition-free university, the free tuition offered, is to bring accredited options to higher learning for those not able into attend a regular school. The UOP was given its accreditation by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) during the first quarter of 2014. Additionally, prospective students make payment of a onetime registration fee which is determined by country of residence. Registration fee ranges from $10 toward $50 and also a $100 administration fee for each exam taken per student.

Pippa Passe, Kentucky is the location of the school. The Alice Lloyd College is a renowned Christian college that promises free tuition toward residents of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia who may qualify. With over 500 jobs available and a maximum of 15hours to work a week, students can also live free or as boarders. Now, what are the advantages? All prospective students must live and be employed to the student work program either on-campus or within the local community. This is to help the students get personal income and maintain free tuition in the school.

The Central Christian College is also a Christian college with full-tuition scholarships to students seeking a BA or a BS degree in either of the following: Religious Studies, Christian Counselors, Youth and Family Ministry, General Ministry, Christian Education, Christian Counselors, Cross-Cultural Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry. For a student seeking admission here to qualify for the full-tuition scholarship, student must to enroll for an on-campus program as it does not apply through online degree programs. The school is fully accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Also, the college is a home to over 300 regular students with its faculty of renowned scholars and currently also offer certificate programs in Music Ministry. The college is Located in Moberly, Missouri.

The Curtis institute of music as the name implies, is a fully accredited institution of music. Established in 1924, the Curtis institute of music has over the years been rated as a top notch music institute. With a 4% acceptance rate, students with a flair for music must audition before being accepted into the school. At Curtis, tuition is fully paid, thanks to the regular donations they receive.

  1. I need a tuition fund or scholarship for my online education which i have got acceptance to the MS IN Communication program at WALDEN UNIVERSITY which commenced starting from oct 30,2017 please find for me.


  3. hi good morning sir, l am a Ghanaian who is interested to be a student in the University for the people to do my second degree in engineering with a full time scholarship. can you please help me out. my phone number is 0504045294/0242873980.
    thank you

  4. thanks for giving this chance. if i get the chance to join your university am willing to continue my masters program in your university. thank you for your cooperation again

  5. i would like to join christian central college for religious studies and philosophy.counselling and many more.

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