UCT and QMUL Award a Postdoctoral Fellowship to a South African Student Starting in 2017

The Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology at the University of Cape Town, also known as UCT, and the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary University of London, also known as QMUL, are considering a postdoctoral student for their postdoctoral fellowship starting in 2017. The University of Cape Town, the oldest university in South Africa, is welcoming gifted Ph.D. students to join its courses in the academic process of gathering and experiment directly the gathered knowledge.

Fellowships are available for Ph.D. students passionate about working within and support the research activities of a program, precisely any of the following thematic areas:

1. Private security, community justice, policing
2. Environmental security
3. Violence and/ or crime prevention
4. Promotion of safe cities and communities

In order to be considered eligible for the fellowship, entrant must have a Ph.D. awarded within the previous 5 years in a relevant academic discipline, such as, Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology, Law, Psychology, Political Science or any other related discipline. Even though the application process is open to candidates of any nationality, Black South Africans have priority. The value of the fellowship does not include any travel allowances.

The worth of the award is ZAR 200.000 funded by QMUL and tenable for an entire year. Successful applicants will be able to apply on a competitive basis for travel and research support. All students who would be interested to further their studies at the University of Cape Town and submit themselves to a brilliant career must provide the following documents:

1. Their CV alongside their list of publications.
2. A motivation letter in which students consider the areas of expertise, research interests, and future intentions.
3. Certified copies of their academic transcripts.
4. Their thesis chapter which should be an example of recent, original, non-professionally edited written work.
5. Contact details aimed for obtaining 2 proposed referees who have been in contact directly with the doctoral and/ or previous postdoctoral research of the applicant.

The closing date is October 31st where all the submissions must be sent to liesel.collins@uct.ac.za. Electronic submissions are preferred. In case students have more questions about the admission process can contact Liesel Collins at +27 (0)21 650 4862.

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  1. I greet you what is a graduate student in high school and I can not afford to pay forthe university as I can not afford and thank you if you can help me with the level of institution I am very thankful

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