Bachelor in Communications at Edith Cowan University

Ever wished to be offered the opportunity of getting an online bachelor degree in Communications and also get a grant for education to ease the way of your learning path? Say no more, in this article you will be given all the information you need on the Media, Culture and Mass Communications online college degree that Edith Cowan University is offering to its international and national students.

Edith Cowan University (ECU), located in Western Australia, was awarded the university title in 1991 and ever since then has developed innovative and practical courses across a various range of disciplines, establishing in the same time a vibrant research culture by attracting quality research partners, many of them working at the cutting edge of their fields. The programs it offers are destined to both australian and international students, 3,600 of the total of 23,300 originating from 104 countries.

The online degree in Communications offers the possibility to its students to examine the influence of the media and of its power, as well as the forces that affect them, in order to get to a full understanding of the current media-driven environment. It presents a wide range of contemporary approaches that are both theoretical, as well as critical, used in order to analyse media texts and technologies, while also taking into consideration their position in the world today. In the structure of this online bachelor degree, you can find courses spreading from the more general side as Media and Nation and Global Communications to the more practical one like Film and Cinema Studies and Popular Music and Culture.

The admission requirements include the passing of an English test that can prove you have the needed level of the language in order to follow the courses of the online bachelor degree. In order to submit to this course you will only need the application form, documents demonstrating the English language competency and the minimum requirements for secondary school and copies of previous academic results. The tuition for this online degree is $2,980 per module for the international students and $782 for the national ones.

Being confronted with the fact that not everybody possesses the financial possibility of getting this kind of online college degree, there have been developed many opportunities of giving grants for education in the form of scholarships. Some of the funding programmes that offer grants for education to students who wish to get an online college degree are The Australia Awards, The Endeavour Awards Programme and The ECU Executive Deans Honours Scholarship. Taking this into consideration, the pathway to getting an online degree in the field you’ve always wanted to study doesn’t seem that spiny anymore, provided you have the perseverance and the will to go through the process.


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